Goo Goo Cluster, the Southern heritage candy brand which has produced America’s first combination candy bar for more than 110 years, has partnered with Elliston Place Soda Shop, another longstanding Nashville establishment, to create the Elliston Place Soda Shop Premium Goo Goo. The latest Goo Goo flavor, launching April 3, is inspired by the popular Elliston Place Chocolate Cherry Malt, creating a blend of the two local icons.

“We are thrilled to partner with the Elliston Place team to create an authentic Nashville treat,” says Mike Colón, executive pastry chef at Goo Goo Cluster. “Elliston Place has been close to the hearts of many Nashvillians for generations, similar to Goo Goo Cluster, and we’re excited to offer such a unique Premium flavor in stores and online this spring.”

Elliston Place Soda Shop has been serving Nashville tourists and locals for more than 80 years with classic meat-and-three plates and soda shop specials in the heart of Music City. Together with Goo Goo Cluster, Elliston created the Elliston Place Soda Shop Premium Goo Goo full of whipped chocolate ganache, cherry Rocher crunch, and malted milk nougat wrapped in milk chocolate. 

“Just as it's important to save icons like Elliston Place Soda Shop, it's the Nashville way to support other legacy companies that are so much a part of Nashville’s culture. That's why we are so excited to partner with Goo Goo on this custom creation," says Jim Myers, minister of culture for the Soda Shop. "In fact, we discovered that we've been business friends for more than 100 years. We share the same old photograph that reveals an advertisement for Belle Camp fine chocolates, one of Standard Candy Company's original brands. The ad spread across the back wall of the Elliston Pharmacy. which is where the Soda Shop humbly began behind a small counter. This partnership was simply divine confectionary ordinance."

Goo Goo Cluster will open online pre-orders on the Elliston Premium, starting March 27. Shipping on all pre-orders will begin April 3. For ordering information, visit

Elliston Place Soda Shop will exclusively sell the Premium beginning April 3, while supplies last. Goo Goo Chocolate Co., located in the heart of downtown Nashville off Third Ave., will carry the product for the months of April and May.