Yowie, the surprise-inside chocolate, will reveal two new products at the 2023 Sweets & Snacks Expo, May 22–25 at McCormick Place in Chicago, at booth #12326.

Yowie Group will reveal GIANT YOWIE, a half-pound extra-large version of its signature “Smart Treat.” The new seasonal offering is now available for the trade to order for Christmas 2023 and Easter 2024. Each Giant Yowie will be a super-sized version of Yowie’s sustainably sourced, 100% milk chocolate made without GMOs, gluten, artificial colors/flavors. Plus, each unit will include two limited-edition baby animal collectibles—the surprise inside. 

Yowie's surprise-inside chocolate is known for its realistic, collectible figurines of endangered animals. Children and adults alike delight in hunting down all the animals and characters in a collection and the Giant Yowie offers additional collecting fun in an extra-large size, perfect for gifting and sharing with friends and family. 

Yowie is also excited to bring innovation to the novelty category with a never-seen-before offering: a naturally flavored and colored 3D lollipop in the shape of the Yowie characters, with tangy sour powder for dipping. The brand new YowiePop also comes with a surprise inside: an animal to play with, learn about, and collect with a mini suction cup for even more play options. 

“The classic Yowie has such a loyal following and we know these new variations will be incredibly exciting to our fans, old, and new,” said Yowie CEO Mark Schuessler. “We have been working on these new products for quite some time to make sure they are Yowie-spectacular!  We can’t wait to officially welcome them to the Yowie family at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago!” 

Yowie Group specializes in creating unique, novelty candy innovations that feature a surprise-inside experience. The entire Yowie line is full of smart treats, delivering responsible and educational fun.