Parker Flavors has been creating bakery, beverage, candy, dairy, and wellness flavors for 125 years. Originally, vanilla extract was its focus. Today, the company produces a wide array of botanical, fruit, nut, and specialty offerings, positioning them as the go-to wholesale manufacturer for high-quality flavor solutions, rapid turnaround, and innovative cost-saving options.

To commemorate this milestone, Parker Flavors is launching a brand refresh featuring a new logo and a redesigned website. The new website, with enhanced user-friendly navigation, enables visitors to easily explore the company’s extensive range of flavors, cost-saving solutions, and request documentation and samples. The refresh reflects four generations of commitment to innovation, quality standards, and exceptional flavors that elevate products, delight customers, and boost bottom lines.

“We are not only celebrating our rich heritage. We are also celebrating the loyalty of our customers, the dedication of our employees and our enduring commitment to excellence. We understand the importance of staying current and effectively engaging with our growing audience,” says Tim Parker, CEO and great-grandson of the founder.

As illustrated by the new vibrant color palette, Parker Flavors has made significant investments since the pandemic in its equipment, people, space, and technology to keep pace with growth. Those investments have begun paying dividends with excellent on-time delivery ratings, a perfect SQF (Safe Quality Food) score, and record profit-sharing. The company continues to look forward to meeting the challenges ahead while exceeding expectations.

“With a company culture dedicated to customer success, we are driven to keep our customers at the top of their markets by giving them the advantages they need to stand out in crowded marketplaces,” adds Parker.