On June 1, Purdys Chocolatier introduced the Luts'as Ihqelts’ Gift Box with Quw’utsun artist Charlene Johnny's artwork featured on the gift box, in addition to brand-new, limited-edition Blueberry & Nettle Leaf chocolate. As part of its philanthropic initiative, Purple Partnerships, $5 from every box sold will be donated to the Stqeeye’ Learning Society (pronounced STAH-KAY-AH), an Indigenous-led nonprofit organization based on Salt Spring Island, BC in the traditional territory of the Quw’utsun Peoples.

The Luts'as Ihqelts’ (meaning full moon) Gift Box is available for a limited time with the brand new Blueberry & Nettle Leaf chocolate. Developed in collaboration with Charlene Johnny, this new piece is a milk and dark chocolate ganache infused with blueberry purée and a tingle of nettle leaves, enrobed in smooth dark chocolate. Beyond the new Blueberry & Nettle Leaf, the Luts'as Ihqelts’ Gift Box also includes fan favorites like Caramel Carnival, Himalayan Pink Salt Caramel, Mini Hedgehog, Blonde Maple Meltie, Ruby Praline, Salted Hazelnut Flake, and Petit Chocolat.

As a Quw’utsun artist, Johnny's work is inspired by nature. This influence is seen not only on the gift box artwork but in the new chocolate itself with the nettle leaf and blueberry ingredients. She has over a decade of experience in Coast Salish art, working in different forms including silversmithing, graphic design, and mural painting. In the Luts’as Ihqelts' artwork designed for Purdys Chocolatier, she uses the three main design elements of Coast Salish Art, circles, crescents, and trigons, to create an original design that mimics the Moon's gravitational force on our waterways. One of her greatest inspirations is the beauty and resilience of Coast Salish values and beliefs that we are all connected to Mother Earth: “Nuts’a’maat Shqwalsun, one heart, one mind, we are all one.”

Supporting the Indigenous community is a key pillar of Purdys Chocolatier’s philanthropic initiative, Purple Partnerships. $5 from every Luts'as Ihqelts’ Gift Box sold will go directly to the Stqeeye’ Learning Society, an organization Johnny selected to be the recipient of the donations. The Stqeeye’ Learning Society is an Indigenous led non-profit organization that she is passionate about, dedicated to the restoration and preservation of lands and waters within Xwaaqw’um (Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park). Created by family descendants, Elders, Knowledge Keepers, Youth, and other like-minded individuals, the Stqeeye’ Learning Society shares traditional and ecological restoration practices through land-based education.

The Luts'as Ihqelts Gift Box is available to purchase for $27 in Purdys shops and online from June 1-30. The Blueberry & Nettle Leaf will be available in Purdys chocolate cases from June 1 - August 31. To learn more about the collaboration with Charlene Johnny and to shop the Luts’as Ihqelts’ Gift Box, visit purdys.com/charlenejohnny.

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