Justin’s is launching a new pollinator-friendly badge that will be showcased across all Justin’s packaging in celebration of National Pollinator Month. The new badge signifies that many Justin’s products wouldn’t be possible without the help of pollinators, and will help consumers identify that the brand supports pollinator protection year-round.  

One-third of the human diet is derived from insect-pollinated plants, and honey bees are responsible for 80% of this pollination. Due to climate change, pesticides, and habitat loss, honey bees are dying off at alarming rates, and Justin’s is continuing to prioritize these VIPs (very important pollinators) as part of June National Pollinator Month and beyond.

In addition to launching its new pollinator-friendly packaging, Justin’s is once again activating a digital campaign that creatively showcases just how critical a role pollinators play in our food system, including through a "Help Justin's Help the Bees" video that asks viewers to watch what happens when Justin's removes the one in three bites of food on restaurant diners’ plates that relies on pollination. Justin’s is donating a total of $85,000 towards pollinator conservation efforts in 2024 to the following organizations: Project Apis m., People & Pollinators Action Network, Growing Gardens, and Xerces Society

“We hope that by continuing to create awareness about the important role of pollinators in our food system, we can collectively help protect our buzzy little buddies,” says Penny Andino, vice president of marketing at Justin’s. “Pollinators are an essential part of the ingredients we use in our products and our food system overall. We're proud to take National Pollinator Month as a time to celebrate their importance. Now with the introduction of our new pollinator-friendly badge, consumers can also identify that Justin’s supports pollinator protection year-round.”

In addition to the brand’s pollinator conservation efforts, Justin's is partnering with The Almond Project, a farmer-led organization created to pave the way towards a more resilient future for almonds. Justin's joined this collective of brands, including Pacific Ag Management, Treehouse California Almonds, White Buffalo Land Trust, Simple Mills, Daily Harvest, and Cappello's, as they have a shared mission to preserve natural resources, enable ecosystem regeneration, protect farming communities and ensure the livelihood of nutritionally-rich almonds for generations to come. The brand’s monetary support will go towards moving key projects forward throughout 2024, including exploration into certifications around regenerative almonds.

For more information about Justin's commitments to supporting pollinator conservation efforts and the pollinator-friendly badge, visit the Justin’s website and JustinsNutsAboutBees.com.

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