ACMA, a Coesia company, will showcase the CW 800 wrapping machine and Ecoshell packaging solutions during PACK EXPO, set for Oct. 23-26 in Chicago.

The CW 800, designed for wrapping spherical chocolate pralines, will demonstrate the double twist style. One feature on display will be OptiMate, a Coesia proprietary PLC solution (both software and hardware). OptiMate makes it easier to change format and maintain the machine, thanks to the intuitive interface and guided procedures. At the show, it will be set up in premium mode and will feature further advanced characteristics compared to the standard version, including the ability to perform a production analysis through detailed reporting and advanced diagnostics for predictive maintenance.

Ecoshell is a family of packaging that allows great ease of use. Ecoshell is scalable in size and proportions and is suitable for different commercial purposes, depending on the type of product to be packaged. For example, it can be used for gummy candies and chewing gums, but also for cotton buds or supplements, extending their use to areas such as cosmetics or pharmaceuticals.

The series also offers zip top, flip top and slide pop packages with front opening systems or front or side product dispensing systems. These tamper-evident cartons are designed with resistance to leaks, accidental opening, and as an option, a child safety lock.