A new book from confectionery retailer Dylan Lauren pays tribute to candy and encourages readers to discover its magic.

“DYLAN’S CANDY BAR: Unwrap Your Sweet Life” features four-color, pop art-inspired photographs; mouthwatering candy recipes; and inventive candy-craft ideas for consumers of all ages who want to live the sweet life.

Other elements include candy history, trivia and fun facts, organized by event and holiday, including birthdays, baby showers, weddings, Easter, Christmas, and Halloween. The book also shows how to use classic candies that have been around for decades to both entertain and amaze. Lauren shares ideas on how to propose marriage using, of all things, candy. She also tells readers how to host a chocolate movie marathon for single friends on Valentine’s Day as well as give out birthstone-themed candy goody bags at birthday parties.

In addition, Lauren, who has been inspired by candy her entire life, reveals personal anecdotes, memories and photos that led her to create Dylan’s Candy Bar, which now boasts five locations in New York, Texas and Florida, including the flagship store in Manhattan.

The daughter of fashion icon Ralph Lauren, Dylan is founder and ceo of Dylan’s Candy Bar. Her book goes on sale Oct. 5.

For more information about Dylan’s, visitwww.dylanscandybar.com. For Retail Confectioner’s Retailer Profile of the store, visitwww.retailconfectioner.com, and clickhere.