The results are in.

Retail buyers attending ECRM’s Everyday and Summer Seasonal Candy Planning session Aug. 28-Sept. 1 in San Diego have selected winners of the 2022 Buyer's Choice Awards.

Presented in partnership with ECRM, retail buyers were asked to vote for the most innovative products in the chocolate, non-chocolate and novelty categories.

Candy Industry would like to extend congratulations to all the winners!

Best Chocolate

TruFru, LLC

Valley City, Utah / (888) 437-2497 /

Nature’s Strawberries Hyper-Dried Fresh in Creme

Also available in Peach and Blueberry varieties, this product features strawberries picked fresh on the vine that have been frozen and dried to enhance flavor. The fruit is then enrobed in white chocolate and cream.

S.R.P. (4.2 oz.): $5.49-$5.99

Best Non-Chocolate

Yumy Candy

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada / (604) 449-2026 /

Yumy Bears

Yumy Bears are vegan, plant-based gummies made with 3 grams of sugar per bag. Sweetened with stevia extract, they’re free from artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols. They’re available in Peach, Strawberry Kiwi, and Sour Watermelon flavors.

S.R.P. (50 g): $3.99

Best Novelty

Amos Sweets

Shenzhen, China / 86-755-33916888-8008 /

Amos TastySounds AudioLollipops

This lollipop allows fans to enjoy candy and music at the same time. By pressing the button at the end of the stick and putting the lollipop in their mouth, consumers can have their own private concert inside their ears. Featuring a battery with up to 60 minutes of playing time, the TastySounds AudioLollipops rely on the structure of the head and ears. It’s currently available in a Peach flavor, with the “Happy Birthday” song, as well as an Orange flavor, with the song “Watch Me Rise.”

S.R.P.: N/A

Check out these other products we loved!

Albanese Confectionery Group, Inc.

Merrillville, Ind. / (219) 942-1877 /

Albanese Sour Mini Worms.jpg

Albanese World’s Best Sour 12 Flavor Mini Gummi Worms

Albanese World's Best Sour 12 Flavor Mini Gummi Worms feature fans’ favorite combinations of worm flavors and the company’s signature soft texture. They are sour on the inside and are sour sanded on the outside. Flavors include Cherry, Strawberry, Mango, Pineapple, Lemon, Orange, Green Apple, Watermelon, Pink Grapefruit, Lime, Blue Raspberry and Grape. 

S.R.P. (3.5 oz.- 4.5 lb.): $1.49-$13.99

Annabelle Candy Co. Inc.

Hayward, Calif. / (510) 783-2900 /

Annabelle 1.jpg

Almond Big Hunk

This chewy, honey-sweetened nougat bar features whole roasted almonds.

S.R.P. (1.8 oz.): $1.79

Abba-Zabba Chocolate Peanut Butter

Abba-Zabba Chocolate Peanut Butter is a chewy taffy created with a chocolate and peanut butter filling.

S.R.P. (1.8 oz.): $1.79

Annabelle 2.jpg

Myntz! Breathmints

Made with a plant-based sweetener, these mints are Non-GMO Project verified, vegan, kosher, and free of sugar, gluten and allergens. They’re available in Wintermint, Cinnamon, Lemon Ginger, and Tangerine Vanilla flavors.

S.R.P. (1.75 oz.): $2.99

Bourbon Foods USA

Washington, D.C. / (202) 266-2426 /

Bourbon Foods_web.jpg

Fettuccine Gummi

Made with real fruit juice, these “al dente” gummy stips are refreshingly sour. They’re now available in a Lemon flavor, in addition to Grape.

S.R.P. (1.76 oz.): $1.69

Hello Kitty Assorted Cookie Tin

Featuring imagery of Kitty holding a cookie, this tin features an assortment of cookies, including Kitty’s face and her signature bow.

S.R.P. (11.5 oz.): $14.99

C. Howard Co. Inc.

Bellport, N.Y. / (631) 286-7940 /

C Howards_web.jpg

CHoward’s Peg Bags

CHoward’s now offers its classic candy mints in peg bags. Each piece is individually wrapped. Available varieties include Spearmint, Peppermint, Lemon, Guava and Violet.

S.R.P. (3 oz.): $2.49-$2.99


Louisville, Ky. / (502) 893-3626 /

CandyRific 1.png

“Jurassic World” Fanimation Fan

This fan features LED technology that allows consumers to have a “Jurassic World”-themed light show in their hand. Each unit comes with 0.53 oz. of assorted fruit-flavored dextrose candies in the handle.

S.R.P.: $7.99

CandyRific 2.jpg

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Light-Up Talkers

Featuring Mickey & Minnie Mouse, these items play music and light up when the button is pressed. Each unit comes with 0.53 oz. of candy in the handle.

S.R.P.: $6.99

Mickey & Minnie Mouse Character Cases

These fully sculpted Mickey & Minnie character containers come with assorted fruit-flavored dextrose candy.

S.R.P.: $3.99

Docile Alimentos

Lajeado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil / +55 5137262600 /

Docile 1.jpg

Docile vegan gummies

Made with natural colors and flavors, these vegan gummies are available in three mixes: Strawberry and Orange; Tangerine, Strawberry, Green Apple, Grape, and Pineapple; and Tangerine, Strawberry, Grape and Pineapple.

S.R.P. (100 g): N/A

Docile 2.jpg

Docile candy straws

These multicolored, chewy candy straws are available with two graphics: dinosaurs and unicorns. The unicorn straws have a Strawberry flavor.

S.R.P.: N/A

Doscher’s Candies

Cincinnati, Ohio / (513) 381-8656 /

Doschers 1.jpg

Candy Buttons Fire

Featuring a bold Cinnamon flavor, these candy dots have three levels of heat: Hot, Really Hot and Extremely Hot.

S.R.P.: $1.29-$1.49

Edward Marc Brands

Trafford, Pa. / (877) 488-1808 /

Edward Marc 1.jpg

Snappers Caramel S’mores Clusters

These clusters feature gooey caramel, dried marshmallows, crisp graham crackers and milk chocolate. They’re made with Cocoa Horizons sustainable cocoa.

S.R.P. (6 oz.): N/A

Snappers Caramel & Brownie Clusters

Made with real chocolate and without preservatives and artificial flavors, these clusters feature a brownie base topped with caramel, a sprinkling of salt and a chocolate drizzle.

S.R.P. (6 oz.): N/A

Hallow-Boo Bark

This milk chocolate bark features pretzel pieces, candy corn, sprinkles and googly eyes. The bark is made with Cocoa Horizons sustainable cocoa.

S.R.P. (20 oz.): N/A

Girl Scout Thin Mints Bites

These bite-sized pieces feature a crispy center with mint and dark chocolate. Made without preservatives and artificial flavors, they feature Cocoa Horizons sustainable cocoa.

S.R.P. (5.5 oz.): N/A

EverGreen USA LLC

Union City, N.J. / (551) 333-1119 /

Evergreen 1.jpg

Just the Fun Part Waffle Cones

Mimicking the best part of an ice cream cone, these bite-sized waffle cones are filled with milk, dark or white chocolate.

S.R.P.: 2.47 oz., $3.99-$4.99; 4.23 oz., $5.99-$6.99

Florestal USA

Miami, Fla. / +55 51 3710 2088 /


Brazilian Coffee Taffy

These chewy candies feature the flavor of carefully roasted Brazilian coffee.

S.R.P. (17.63 oz.) N/A

Brazilian Coffee Chocolate Bar

These milk chocolate bars feature broken pieces of Florestal’s best-selling Brazilian Coffee hard candies.

S.R.P. (3.17 oz.): N/A

Gerrit J. Verburg Co.

Fenton, Mich. / (810) 750-9779 /

11515 Dutch Mini Bits_web.jpg

Gerrit’s Bakery Mini Bits

These bite-sized Dutch cookies feature warm spices popular during the winter season.

S.R.P. (8.81 oz.): $3.99

11516 Cafe Noir_web.jpg

Gerrit’s Bakery Cafe Noir

These Dutch cookies feature a coffee glaze.

S.R.P. (6.17 oz.): $3.99

Gummi Pop Surprise

Portland, Ore. / (503) 539-6121 /

Lucky Sweeties.jpg

Lucky Sweeties

Packaged to look like a fortune cookie, this surprise-inside offering features one Lucky Sweetie figurine, one fortune, one sticker and four packs of candy. Fans can collect 24 figurines, including four rare golden ones. Rare limited-edition and gold-plated fortunes are also available.

S.R.P.: $3-$4

Kenny’s Candy Co.

Perham, Minn. / (218) 346-2340 /

Kenneys Candy.png

Wiley Wallaby Hot Cinnamon

This soft and chewy licorice has a hot Cinnamon flavor. It’s free of fat and high fructose corn syrup.

S.R.P. (10 oz.): $3.99

Lore Mighty Foods

Providence County, R.I. / (401) 741-2717 /


Lore Bon Bons

These bon bons are organic, non-GMO and vegan, and free of gluten, dairy, soy and sugar alcohols. Made with raw cacao, each serving features 2,000 milligrams of supplement-grade functional mushrooms. They’re available in four varieties:

  • Stress Reducing: With 450 mg of Reishi mushrooms and 1,550 mg of Lion’s Mane mushrooms, these bon bons have a Mint Ganache flavor.
  • Immune Boosting: With 700 mg each of Chaga, Miatake and Turkey Tail mushrooms, these bon bons have Salted Caramel Cashew flavor.
  • Restore & Repair: With 450 mg of Reishi mushrooms and 1,550 mg of Shiitake mushrooms, these bon bons have a Maple Almond Butter flavor.
  • Focus & Performance: With 1,000 mg each of Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane mushrooms, these bon bons have a Hazelnut Espresso flavor.

S.R.P. (4 bon bons): $4.69

Morinaga America

Irvine, Calif. / (949) 732-1155 /

Morinaga 1.jpg

HI-CHEW Fantasy Mix

Available in a whimsical package, this new mix offers unique and nostalgic flavors for HI-CHEW fans and candy fanatics alike. The mix includes three flavors: Rainbow Sherbet with layers of raspberry, lime and orange; Blue Hawaii, with notes of sweet citrus and pineapple; and Blue Raspberry. HI-CHEW is gluten free and made with concentrated fruit juices, natural and artificial flavors, and contains no colors from synthetic sources.

S.R.P. (3 oz.): $2.99

HI-CHEW Infrusions Orchard Mix

HI-CHEW has launched Infrusions Orchard Mix, a new experience featuring three fruity offerings: Juicy Blood Orange, Juicy Peach and Juicy Strawberry. While maintaining HI-CHEW's signature texture, Infrusions add more juiciness with infused concentrated apple puree and pieces of pectin jelly to mimic fruity flavors. 

S.R.P. (4 oz.): $4.29

Morinaga 2.jpg

HI-CHEW Reduced Sugar

HI-CHEW has introduced Reduced Sugar, available in Mango and Strawberry flavors, with 30 percent less sugar than the original candy. HI-CHEW Reduced Sugar contains a double layer of fruit flavor, made with dietary fiber (inulin) to reduce sugar content while maintaining the same fruity taste and chewy texture. It is made with concentrated fruit juices and puree, natural and artificial flavors, and contains no colors from synthetic sources.

S.R.P. (2 oz.): $3.29

FI-BEING Hard Candy

Each serving of FI-BEING delivers 4 grams of sugar and 11 grams of dietary fiber. FI-BEING is made from natural and artificial flavors and contains no colors from synthetic sources. Instead of using sugar alcohol, which may cause negative digestive impacts or affect taste, FI-BEING uses inulin and other unique formulations to partially replace the candy's sugar content. It's now available in Passionfruit and Elderberry flavors. 

S.R.P. (1.76 oz.): $3.29

NTP Imports

Miami, Fla. / (786) 757-2577 /


Serenata wafer products

Serenata chocolate wafers are light, sweet and creamy, featuring real chocolate. They’re the perfect accompaniment to both hot and cold beverages. The range includes:

  • Serenata Twin Milk: These cream-filled crispy twin wafer bars are filled with cocoa cream and coated with European milk chocolate, then topped with dark drizzle.
  • Serenata Twin Dark: These cream-filled crispy twin wafer bars are filled with cocoa cream and coated with dark chocolate.
  • Serenata Triplo Classic: Serenata Triplos feature hazelnut cream and crispy wafer, dipped in milk chocolate.
  • Serenata Triplo Hazelnut: Serenata Triplos feature whole hazelnuts, hazelnut cream, and crispy wafer, dipped in chocolate.
  • Serenata Mega Choco: These mega wafer bars are coated in milk chocolate.

S.R.P.: $1.65-$1.95

Original Gourmet Food Company

Salem, N.H. / (888) 761-8399 /


OGO Crazy Pops

These lollipops feature five flavors in one lollipop. Each 17.6-oz. bag features 50 lollipops.

S.R.P.: $4.99-$5.99

Original Gourmet Crazy Pop Straws

These curly straws feature a twisted lollipop on the end. They’re available in five straw colors and flavors: Cotton Candy (yellow), Orange (orange), Tropical (pink), Cherry (red), Blueberry (blue).

S.R.P.: $1.49-$1.99

Original Gourmet Deluxe Hard Candy Mix

This mix features Original Gourmet’s signature lollipops in regular and miniature sizes, lollipops with five flavors in one, and hard candy with soft centers.

S.R.P.: 18 oz., $4.99-$6.99; 3 lbs., $9.99-$14.99

Pearson’s Candy Co.

St. Paul, Minn. / (651) 698-0356 /


Salted Nut Roll and Nut Goodie Snack Mixes

The Salted Nut Roll snack mix features roasted peanuts and pieces caramel and vanilla nougat. The Nut Goodie snack mix features roasted peanuts and pieces of milk chocolate and maple nougat.

S.R.P. (2 oz.): $1.79-$1.99

PEZ Candy, Inc.

Orange, Conn. / (203) 795-0531 /

PEZ 1.jpg

“Gabby’s Dollhouse” PEZ

Available in February 2023, this new PEZ assortment includes characters from Netflix’s animated series “Gabby’s Dollhouse,” featuring “cute cats, quirky crafts and colorful magic.” The line includes Pandy Paws, Cakey Cat and Mercat PEZ dispensers in the full assortment of blister packs, poly packs and poly floor shippers. 

S.R.P.: $1.69-1.99

PEZ 2.jpg

PEZ Treats

A new dispenser will join the PEZ Treats collection in January 2023: Sprinkles Donut. The PEZ Treats line was created to celebrate favorite foods and snacks. It includes Pizza, Taco, Burger, and Cupcake. The collection is available in the full assortment blister packs, poly packs and poly floor shippers.

S.R.P.: $1.69-1.99

Praemium Chocolates Corp.

Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada / (778) 806-6390 /

Ross 2.jpg

Ross Chocolates Chocolate-Covered Nuts

These no sugar-added nuts are covered in chocolate made with Cocoa Horizons cocoa. They’re available in Dark Chocolate Almond and Milk Chocolate Hazelnut varieties.

S.R.P. (4.2 oz.): $4.99-$5.99

Ross 1.jpg

Ross Chocolates Baking Chips

Available in milk and dark chocolate varieties, these sugar-free baking chips are sweetened with stevia extract. They’re also free of gluten.

S.R.P. (7 oz.): $10.99

Le Guerbois.jpg

Le Guerbois Bars

These sugar-free chocolate bars feature classic Impressionist works of art. Made with Cocoa Horizons cocoa, they’re available in Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond, Dark Chocolate Coffee Caramel, and Milk Chocolate varieties.

S.R.P. (80 g): $4.99

Robern Menz USA Inc.

Bellingham, Wa. / (888) 405-1286 /

Violet Crumble 1.jpg

Violet Crumble Cubes

Australia’s shattering honeycomb candy is now available in bite-sized cubes. They’re available in Original and Dark varieties, and they’re packaged in a standup pouch.

S.R.P. (6 oz.): $4.99-$5.49

Violet Crumble Nuggets

These bite-sized pieces of honeycomb candy are double-coated in milk chocolate. They’re packaged in a standup pouch.

S.R.P. (4.76 oz.): $4.99-$5.49

Violet Crumble 2.jpg

Violet Crumble Bars

These bars feature Australia’s shattering honeycomb candy coated in either milk or dark chocolate.

S.R.P. (1.05 oz.): $1.59-$1.79

SweetWorks Confections, LLC

Cheektowaga, N.Y. / (716) 634-0880 /

Toasted Coconut.png

Niagara Chocolates Dark Toasted Coconut Clusters

Made with 70% dark chocolate, these clusters feature lightly toasted coconut for crunch.

S.R.P. (4.5 oz.): $4.99

Almond Butter.jpg

Niagara Chocolates Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups and Bar

These dark chocolate cups are filled with smooth almond butter. Also available in a bar format, each square is filled with almond butter.

S.R.P.: 4.1-oz. bag, $4.99; 3-oz. bar, $2.99

Crafters Cafe.jpg

Niagara Chocolates Crafters Café

This line features indulgent flavors inspired by the hand-crafted beverages of local cafes. Featuring cups, clusters and bars, the line includes:

  • Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew Dark Chocolate Cups
  • Jasmine Vanilla Matcha Milk Chocolate Cups
  • Churros & Hot Chocolate Milk Chocolate Clusters
  • Salted Caramel Mocha Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Strawberry Donut Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Honey Almond Cold Brew Milk Chocolate Bar

S.R.P.: 4.1-oz. bag, $4.99; 3-oz. bar, $2.99

Taste of Nature, Inc.

Santa Monica, Calif. / (310) 396-4433 /

Taste of Nature.jpg

Cookie Dough Bites Standup Pouches

These egg-free cookie dough bites are now available in a gusseted resealable standup pouch for easy sharing. The standup pouches are available for the classic Milk Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, Birthday Cake and Fudge Brownie varieties.

S.R.P. (10.5 oz.): $4.79

Muddy Bears Standup Pouch

These milk chocolate-covered gummy bears are now available in a 10-oz. standup pouch.

S.R.P.: $4.79

Woody Candy Company

Oklahoma City, Okla. / (405) 842-8903 /

Hatch Chili.jpg

Hatch Chili Peanut Brittle

Handcrafted in small batches, this spicy brittle is packed with peanuts.

S.R.P. (6 oz.): $3.49-$4.99


Stamford, Conn. / (512) 818-7236 /

YumEarth Ultimate Lollipops.jpg

Ultimate Organic lollipops

The pops come in two flavor packs: Elderberry and Anti-Oxidant, which contains Mango, Lemon and Orange flavors. Each offers excellent sources of Vitamins A, C, and E, with at least 100-150% daily values of Vitamin C and 30-45% Vitamins A and E. 

S.R.P.: N/A

Zolli Candy

Walled Lake, Mich. / (248) 214-7771 /

Zolli gummeez.jpg

Zolli Gummeez

These vegan, sugar-free gummies are free of gluten and made with natural colors and flavors. They’re also keto- and allergen-friendly. Zolli Gummeez are available in Peach, Pineapple, Strawberry, and Watermelon flavors.

S.R.P. (1.94 oz.): $3.29