ECRM hosted its annual Candy Planning: Everyday & Summer Seasonal event in August at the Hyatt Regency in New Orleans, Louisiana.

For those unfamiliar, ECRM events bring together candy makers and retail buyers for meetings that resemble speed dating, since they have just 10 or 20 minutes at each appointment.

However, no Everyday & Summer Seasonal event would be complete without the Buyer’s Choice Awards, sponsored by Candy Industry and ECRM. Participating candy companies submitted new products for retail buyers to taste. The buyers then voted for their favorites in three categories: Chocolate, Non-Chocolate and Novelty.

Candy Industry extends its congratulations to the winners. Aside from bragging rights and a glass award, the winners also received recognition on our website. A look at the winning companies and products appears below, along with other new products that caught our attention at the show.


Best Chocolate

Lamontagne Chocolate Inc.

Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada / / (800) 567-3435

ECRM Products

Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Pistachios

Whole pistachios are individually dipped in smooth milk chocolate and accented with sea salt. They’re certified gluten-free, peanut-free and kosher.

S.R.P. (1.7 oz.): $1.69


Best Non-Chocolate

Pura Vida Vitamins

South Lyon, Mich. / / (855) 540-0354

ECRM Products

Pura CBD Watermelon Gummy Rings

Each gummy ring delivers 10mg of cannabidiol (CBD) derived from organic hemp grown in the U.S. Each pouch contains 10 red and white rings.

S.R.P.: $9.95


Best Novelty

Sumthin’ Sweet

Bronx, N.Y. / / (718) 617-5500

ECRM Products

Sippin’ Suckers

These are crazy straws and lollipops in one! Rainbow hard candy is wrapped around the end of the plastic crazy straw, perfect for cocktails or kids’ birthday parties.

S.R.P.: $1.99-$2.49


Check out these products we also loved!


Albanese Confectionery Group

Merrillville, Ind. / / (219) 942-1877

ECRM Products

Ultimate 8 Flavor Gummi Bears

These premium gummi bears combine natural flavors and colors from real fruits and vegetables with Albanese’s signature texture. Free of gluten and fat and low in sodium, the gummi bears come in an assortment of eight flavors: Alphonso Mango, Amity Raspberry, Asian Pear, Black Currant, Blood Orange, Crimson Cranberry, Fuji Apple and Queen Pineapple.

S.R.P.: 5 oz., $2.19-$2.49; 8 oz., $2.99-$3.19; 25 oz., $7.99


Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe

Bountiful, Utah / / (801) 292-1339

ECRM Products

Blue Moose Sweet Shoppe Gourmet Fudge Bites

These squares of smooth, rich fudge are individually wrapped for easy sharing. They’re available in Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Sea Salt Caramel flavors.

S.R.P. (5 oz.): $4.99


Bonart US

Hackensack, N.J. / / (201) 893-4109

ECRM Products ECRM Products

Sweeties Cinema and Cinema Neons Mixes

These gummy candy mixes have something for everyone. The Cinema mix features bears, worms, berries and ice cream cones. The Cinema Neons mix features sour bears, worms, rings and soda bottles.

S.R.P. (6 oz.): $1-$1.49


Brown & Haley

Tacoma, Wash. / / (253) 620-3000

ECRM Products

ROCA Bites

These bite-sized bites of buttercrunch toffee are covered in 100% sustainable cacao. Available in Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate and Almond varieties, they’re free of GMOs, gluten and artificial colors and flavors.

S.R.P.: N/A



Louisville, Ky. / / (502) 893-3626

ECRM Products

Mermaid Fans

Stay cool with the new, colorful Mermaid Fan, which provides a burst of fanned air when the button is pushed. Each comes with 0.53 oz. of assorted fruit flavored dextrose candies, made with natural flavors and colors.

S.R.P.: $4.99


Caseiro Lugano

Gramado, Rio Grando do Sul, Brazil / / +55 54 3295-5900

ECRM Products ECRM Products

Trufas Selection Truffles

This collection is inspired by global flavor combinations. The Apple and Cherry truffles represent the U.S., while the Cappuccino and Caramel Truffles represent Italy.

S.R.P.: N/A


Davis Chocolate

Mishawaka, Ind. / / (574) 255-2366

ECRM Products

Hero Cups

These vegan, kosher chocolate cups are a clean-label alternative to classic chocolate cups. They’re available in five varieties: 50% Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter (sweetened with erythritol), 70% Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter (sweetened with coconut palm sugar), Organic Cane Sugar Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Allulose Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups and Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Cups.

S.R.P.: N/A


Divine Chocolate

Washington DC / / (202) 332-8913

ECRM Products

Crispy Thins

At 20 calories each, these thin chocolate pieces offer perfectly portioned indulgence. Made with Fair Trade chocolate, they’re available in four varieties: Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Mint, Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate with Caramel & Sea Salt.

S.R.P. (2.8 oz.): $3.99


Docile Alimentos

Lajeado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil / / +55-51-3748-4800

ECRM Products

Docile Gelatines

These natural gummies are available in a variety of shapes and flavors, including Bananas and Cubes.

S.R.P. (80g): $1


ECRM Products


These multicolor twists add some fun to the marshmallow experience.

S.R.P. (50g): $1


Espeez Candy

Las Vegas, Nev. / / (702) 736-4774

ECRM Products

Frozen Ice Rock Candy

Inspired by everyone’s favorite ice princess, these blue, light blue and white rock candy sticks also come with a snowflake wand for making your own magic.

S.R.P. (6 sticks): $6.99


ECRM Products

Charlotte’s Country Fudge

Made with fresh cream, this rich fudge is available in flavors including Chocolate, Chocolate Walnut, Peanut Butter, Chocolate Peanut Butter and Maple Walnut.

S.R.P.: $1.25


Fini Sweets USA

Elk Grove Village, Ill. / / (866) 314-3464

ECRM Products

Flip It

Using a bag-in-bag construction, Fini’s new Flip It line features two products in the same package. One product is highlighted on each side of the bag. Available in four varieties, the line includes Neon Bears + Sour Worms; Fruit Attack + Citrus Attack; Cinema Mix + Little Sour Mix; and Red Licorice Wheels + Black Licorice Wheels.

S.R.P.: $2.99


ECRM Products

Cinema Mix

Cinema Mix is a theater-ready pack of licorice and gummy candy in an assortment of shapes and flavors. It’s available in 4-oz. and 8-oz. packages.

S.R.P.: 4 oz., $1.29; 8 oz., $1.69


ECRM Products

Jolly Jamboree

Jolly Jamboree is a mix of sweet and sour gummies and licorice pieces. It’s available in 4-oz. and 8-oz. packages.

S.R.P.: 4 oz., $1.29; 8 oz., $1.69


Ford Gum & Machine Co.

Akron, N.Y. / / (847) 975-0003

ECRM Products

Big League Chew Slammin’ Strawberry

Available in March 2020, this pink pouch contains strawberry-flavored gum and features a female softball player.

S.R.P. (2.12 oz.): $1.49


ECRM Products

Big League Chew Mini Gumball to-go cup

Bring the fun of the baseball diamond with you! This to-go cup features a dual-open lid and contains 55 2-gram mini gumballs in the Outta Here Original flavor.

S.R.P. (108 grams): $3.25-$3.49


ECRM Products

Big League Chew Team Bucket

Featuring 15 full-size pouches of Big League Chew’s Outta Here Original gum, this bucket makes it easier to share with the whole baseball or softball team.

S.R.P.: N/A


ECRM Products

Jelly Belly sugar-free gum

Now the flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans are available in a long-lasting sugar-free gum that the whole family will enjoy. The tablet gum comes in a 12-ct. blister pack and is available in Berry Blue, Very Cherry, Island Punch and Watermelon flavors.

S.R.P.: $1.49


Frankford Candy Co.

Philadelphia, Pa. / / (215) 735-5200

ECRM Products

SpongeBob Squarepants Krabby Patty Plus Prize

In celebration of SpongeBob’s 20th anniversary — and a new movie next year — Frankford Candy has developed a gummy Krabby Patty that comes with a surprise collectible and stickers. There are 12 figurines for fans to collect.

S.R.P.: $1.99-$2.99


ECRM Products

Trolls Wonder Mates Plus Prize

Moulded in the shape of the “Trolls World Tour” character Poppy, this milk chocolate treat comes with a surprise figurine. There are 12 figures to collect.

S.R.P.: $1.99-$2.99



Hebron, Ky. / / (859) 538-8000

ECRM Products

Gummy Pizzas

Like the moon in the sky, it’s a gummy pizza pie! They’re available in a 4-pack for sharing with fellow gummy lovers.

S.R.P.: $1.99-$2.99


ECRM Products

Paw Patrol Finders Keepers

Featuring a milk chocolate egg and another candy surprise, each Finders Keepers product comes with a collectible character. Paw Patrol fans can collect their favorite characters.

S.R.P. (0.7 oz.): $5.99-$6.99


ECRM Products

LOL Surprise lollipops

A strawberry lollipops comes with a mini poster and four secret message disks. Fans can collect all 12 mini posters and 108 secret message disks.

S.R.P.: $1-$1.99


Gerrit J. Verburg Co.

Fenton, Mich. / / (810) 750-9779

ECRM Products

Gerrit's Bakery Stroopwafel Tins

Gerrit’s Bakery Stroopwafels Tins offer a Dutch delicacy in a new format ideal for a variety of gifting occasions. Introduced earlier this year in three formats – duo packs, standup bags and gift boxes – Gerrit’s Bakery Stroopwafels feature a decadent caramel syrup filling sandwiched between two thin cookies baked with a three- dimensional waffle pattern. These “syrup waffle” treats are the perfect complement to a cup of cocoa, coffee or hot tea. The 14.1-oz. gift

tins ship eight per case.

S.R.P.: N/A


ECRM Products

Fort Knox Cool Llamas Milk Chocolate Coins

These coins will be a hit among those looking to add “llama drama” to their lives. Each 1.47-oz. mesh bag includes eight chocolate coins, wrapped in colorful foil with one of 12 reusable stickers featuring a friendly llama. The chocolate is gluten-free and made with Kosher-certified, non-GMO ingredients.

S.R.P.: N/A


Godiva Chocolatier, Inc.

New York, N.Y. / / (203) 912-0766

ECRM Products

Chocolate Domes

Becoming available in the U.S. in February 2020, these individually-wrapped, dome-shaped chocolate pieces are packed in vibrant petal boxes for sharing and everyday gifting. They’re available in three varieties: Milk Chocolate Coconut Crunch, Dark Chocolate Double Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Crispy Hazelnut.

S.R.P. (4.3 oz.): $4.79


ECRM Products

Mini Bars

Packaged in counts of eight, these mini bars are individually wrapped for portion control and easy sharing. They’re available in six varieties: 72% Cacao Dark Chocolate, Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate, Sea Salt Dark Chocolate, Almond & Honey Milk Chocolate and Milk Chocolate.

S.R.P. (3.1 oz.): $2.99


Hemp Love

Poway, Calif. / / (732) 742-8542

ECRM Products

Hemp Love Chocolate Bars

These organic, vegan chocolate bars are infused with nutritious hemp seeds to add protein and serve as a source of Omega 3, Omega 6 and essential fatty acids. These bars are non-GMO and are free of dairy and gluten. Crafted with a premium blend of Ecuadorian and South American cacao, they’re available in five varieties:

  • 81% Cacao Orange Vanilla & Hemp Seed Crunch
  • 61% Cacao Lavender Salt & Hemp Seed Crunch
  • 72% Cacao & Hemp Seed Crunch
  • 39% Cacao Cinnamon Salt & Hemp Seed Crunch
  • 81% Cacao Mint & Hemp Seed Crunch

S.R.P. (2 oz.): $4.99-$5.99


Hilco LLC

Louisville, Ky. / / (502) 749-5333

ECRM Products

Kool-Aid candy

Hilco has partnered with Kool-Aid to create a line of treats inspired by the iconic brands. They include:

  • Gummies: Shaped like the Kool-Aid man, these gummies come in Tropical Punch, Cherry and Grape flavors.
  • Popping Candy: Available in Tropical Punch, Cherry and Grape flavors, this candy offers a burst of Kool-Aid flavor.
  • Lollipop Dippers: Fans can dip Kool-Aid Man-shaped lollipops into candy powder. They’re available in three combinations: Cherry lollipop with Grape powder; Tropical Punch lollipop and Cherry powder; and Grape lollipop with Tropical Punch powder.

Sour Bites: These candy pieces offer a mix of classic Kool-Aid flavors. They’re available in Tropical Punch and Grape, and Tropical Punch and Cherry.

S.R.P: $1-$1.49


Imaginings 3 - Flix Candy

Niles, Ill. / / (847) 647-1370

ECRM Products

Trolls Pop Ups!

These Pop Ups! feature Barb, Guy and Poppy from the movie “Trolls World Tour,” set to hit theaters in April 2020. The blister packs come with three Chupa Chup lollipops.

S.R.P.: $2.99-$3.99


ECRM Products

Minions Pop Ups!

These Pop Ups! feature Bob and Otto, two characters from the newest installment of the Minions franchise, “Minions: The Rise of Gru,” which is set to hit theaters in July 2020. The blister packs come with three Chupa Chup lollipops.

S.R.P.: $2.99-$3.99


Island Delights, Inc.

Seville, Ohio / / (330) 769-2800

ECRM Products

Grove Harvest Delights

Grove Harvest Delights are available with either coconut or banana chips, topped with butter caramel, drizzled with dark chocolate and sprinkled with Mediterranean sea salt. They are certified kosher, gluten-free and produced in a BRC-certified facility.

S.R.P. (4 oz.): $5.99


ECRM Products

Grove Harvest Drizzlers

Real, toasted banana and coconut chips are drizzled with Italian dark chocolate and sprinkled with Mediterranean sea salt. They’re perfect for on-the-go snacking without the guilty conscience.

S.R.P. (4 oz.): $5.99


ECRM Products

Island Delights Dark Chocolate Bites

These bites feature soft, creamy centers coated in dark chocolate. They’re available in four varieties: Lemoniest Sour Lemon, Tangy Sour Raspberry, Wild Sour Cherry and Frosty Chocolate Mint.

S.R.P. (6 oz.): $4.49


Just Born, Inc.

Bethlehem, Pa. / / (610) 867-7568

ECRM Products

Mike and Ike Retro Patriotic Mix

This assortment delivers chewy goodness in a mix of red, white and blue pieces with Cherry Pie, Vanilla Ice Cream and Blueberry Cobbler flavors.

S.R.P.: $1-$1.50


ECRM Products

Mike and Ike Retro Mixes

Just Born is bringing back two retro varieties: Cotton Candy and Root Beer Float. First launched in 2002, Cotton Candy has become one of the most consumer requested limited-edition flavors. Root Beer Float, first launched in 2004, is another popular summertime flavor.

S.R.P.: N/A


Kenny’s Candy Co.

Perham, Minn. / / (218) 346-2340

ECRM Products

Hot Tamales, Mike and Ikes Soft & Chewy Bites

These soft, chewy candy pieces feature the Fierce Cinnamon flavor of Hot Tamales and the Original Fruits flavors of Mike and Ikes: Cherry, Lemon, Strawberry, Lime and Orange

S.R.P. (4 oz.): $1.99


ECRM Products

Wiley Wallaby Funsorts

Funsorts is filled, soft and chewy candy bursting with fruity goodness in every bite. With an assortment of flavors, shapes and textures, Funsorts will keep taste buds guessing with every bite. It’s made with sustainable palm oil and contains no high fructose corn syrup.

S.R.P.: $1.99-$3.99


Kidsmania, Inc.

El Monte, Calif. / / (562) 946-8822

ECRM Products


These poop emoji-shaped dispensers push poop-shaped, cola-flavored candy out of their mouths. They’re available with three different faces: Heart Eyes, Squint and Smile.

S.R.P.: $1.29



Flash Poop

These lollipops come with a poop emoji-shaped flashlight that lights up at the push of a button. Available in Cola and Cherry flavors, Flash Poop comes in three different emoji faces: Spiral Eyes, Squint and Heart Eyes.

S.R.P.: $1.29


ECRM Products

Puppy Love Candy + Surprise

Collectible dog figurines come in a plastic dog carrier with bone-shaped pressed dextrose candy. There are six different dogs to collect.

S.R.P.: $1.29


ECRM Products

Sweet Bandit Candy Crystals

Packed in a plastic tube, these crunchy candy pieces are available in Citrus Attack and Cherry + Cola flavors.

S.R.P. (2.82 oz.): $1.29


Kopper’s Chocolate

Jersey City, N.J. / / (212) 243-0220

Booth: 604

ECRM Products

On The Rocks Chocolate

Handcrafted with FairTrade cocoa, each 64% dark chocolate cordial is crafted after a favorite adult beverage but contains no alcohol. Available in four flavors, the first bite reveals a liquid center sure to please.

  • Moscow Mule Cordials: Rolled in a spicy mix of sugar, ginger and mint and featuring a vodka-flavored center.
  • Cold Brew Cordials: Rolled with crushed espresso beans and featuring a cold-brew coffee-flavored center.
  • Barrel-Aged Bourbon Cordials: Dusted with rich cocoa and featuring a barrel-aged bourbon flavored center.
  • Strawberry Margarita Cordials: Lime-infused dark chocolate cordials dusted with strawberry lime and featuring a tequila flavored center

S.R.P. (4 oz.): $4.79


ECRM Products

Dark Chocolate Cordials

Kopper’s newest cordials are bite-sized pieces inspired by bubbly beverages. Available in Sparkling Prosecco and Sparkling Rosé, they have liquid centers but contain no alcohol.

S.R.P. (4 oz.): $4.29


ECRM Products

Kopper’s Seasonal Bites

Kopper’s Chocolate has launched a variety of seasonal, bite-sized items sure to please candy lovers year-round. They include:

  • Dark Chocolate Iced Coffee Bites
  • Dark, Milk and White Chocolate Ice Cream Malt Balls
  • Milk Chocolate Robin’s Egg Marshmallows
  • Milk Chocolate Speckled Malt Balls
  • Dark and White Chocolate Key Lime Pie Bites
  • Dark Chocolate S’mores Bites
  • Dark and White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Almonds
  • Dark and White Chocolate Peppermint Twist Bites

S.R.P. (4 oz.): $4.79


Loacker USA

New York, N.Y. / / (212) 742-8510

ECRM Products

Loacker Duality

With dual layers of chocolate – white caramel and 38% milk cocoa – melted over wafer crispies, the new Duality Chocolate Bar is two-sided for the ultimate taste experience. Duality mixes the flavor profiles of chocolate, hazelnut and caramel with Loacker’s premium wafers, presented in the new crispies format.

S.R.P.: $1.50-$1.99



Walled Lake, Mich. / / (248) 214-7771

ECRM Products

Zolli Beanz

These fruit-flavored jelly beans are vegan, non-GMO and made with natural colors and flavors. They’re also free of nuts, gluten and sugar.

S.R.P. (3 oz.): $4.99


ECRM Products

Zolli Caramelz

These sugar-free, chocolate-covered caramel bites are free of nuts and gluten. They’re also non-GMO and made with natural colors and flavors.

S.R.P. (3 oz.): $4.99


ECRM Products

Zolli Gummeez

These animal-shaped gummies are free of sugar, gluten and nuts. They’re also non-GMO and made with natural colors and flavors.

S.R.P. (3 oz.): $4.99


Nibmor Chocolate

Kennebunk, Maine / / (844) 642-6671

ECRM Products

Daily Dose of Dark

These 17-gram chocolate bars are individually wrapped for portion control and on-the-go snacking. Made with organic, non-GMO certified ingredients, they’re available in six varieties: 72% Cacao Original, 80% Cacao Mint with Cacao Nibs, 80% Cacao Sea Salt with Cacao Nibs, 80% Extreme with Cacao Nibs, 72% Cacao Wild Maine Blueberry and 72% Cacao Tart Cherry.

S.R.P.: $0.89


ECRM Products

72% Organic Dark Chocolate Tart Cherry Bar

This 26-gram chocolate bar is made with organic, non-GMO certified ingredients and real tart cherries. They’re individually wrapped for portion control and on-the-go snacking.

S.R.P.: $0.89


Original Gourmet Food Co.

Salem, N.H. / / (603) 894-5400

ECRM Products

Bling Watch and Bling Ring

These light-up pieces are the sweetest candy jewelry that flashes - not clashes - with your outfit.

The cherry-flavored hard candy Bling Watch is available with wristbands in three colors: red, blue, and pink. The Bling Ring is also cherry-flavored.

S.R.P.: $1.49


ECRM Products

Crazy Pop Straws

These crazy straws aren’t just a bright, fun drinking straw, but a swirl lollipop, too. They’re available in five flavors Cotton Candy, Tropical, Cherry, Orange, and Blueberry.

S.R.P.: $1


Original Keto Brand Co.

Bronx, N.Y. / / (718) 617-5500

ECRM Products

Keto Pops

Available in Coconut and Buttery Coffee flavors, these lollipops contain 0 net carbs, 0 sugar and 3 grams of fat. They’re made with 100% coconut oil and are sweetened with erythritol, making them ketogenic, Atkins and paleo-friendly.

S.R.P. (8-ct. stand-up pouch): $13.99


PEZ Candy

Orange, Conn. / / (203) 795-0531

ECRM Products

LOL Surprise Mystery PEZ

For the first time PEZ is adding an all-new mystery assortment, featuring nine different characters. Fans can collect Popular, Fancy and Rare characters. The dispensers come with a variety of PEZ candy.

S.R.P.: $1.49-$1.99


ECRM Products

Peppa Pig PEZ

The sweet and sassy Peppa Pig, and her brother, George, are back in this PEZ assortment, with dispensers featuring the original characters, as well as Peppa Pig in a crown and George in a pirate hat.

S.R.P.: $1.49-$1.99


Promotion in Motion

Allendale, N.J. / / (201) 784-5800

ECRM Products

Sun-Maid Coated Raisins

The Sun-Maid brand has introduced new indulgent spins on classic chocolate-covered raisins. In addition to Milk Chocolate Covered Raisins, now available are Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter Coated Raisins; Cocoa Dusted Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins and Milk Chocolate and Almond Crunch Covered Raisins.

S.R.P. (7 oz.): $3.99


Radz Brands

Des Moines, Iowa / / (503) 227-2226

ECRM Products

Trolls Radz Original Dispensers

Celebrating “Trolls World Tour,” these collectible toy candy dispensers are fun and easy to use! To operate, pull the character’s top back and the tongue pops out with candy. This collection features four characters: Poppy, Branch, Delta Dawn and Queen Barb.

S.R.P.: $3.99-$4.99


ECRM Products

Minions Foamz

Foamz toy dispensers are easy to squish and come with a tasty treat! This collection features four Minions characters including Bob, Stuart and Kevin. Each Radz Foamz character comes with  candy and a poster.

S.R.P.: $3.99-$4.99


ECRM Products

Paw Patrol Tinz

Featuring characters from the beloved series, this tin includes candy, stickers and a poster. It can also be used as a bank once the candy and stickers have been enjoyed.

S.R.P.: $3.99-$4.99


Redwood Ventures

Bella Vista, Ark. / / (952) 758-7826

ECRM Products

Foodie Surprise Food Carts

These themed food carts contain the powders, mould and mixing utensils needed for kids to make their own gummy candies. Foodie Surprise Food Carts come in five themes: Pizza, Banana Split, Bubble Tea, Sushi and Donuts. Just add water, mix and pour into the moulds to create gummy treats that match the cart’s theme.

S.R.P.: $9.99


ECRM Products

Foodie Surprise Slime Egg

These surprise eggs come with slime in six tasty flavors: Blueberry, Sour Apple, Cotton Candy, Orange, Strawberry and Watermelon. They also come with mix-ins such as edible glitter, candy pieces and fizzy powder.

S.R.P.: $2.99


ECRM Products


Each Yolkie features edible slime in the shape of an over-easy egg. Pull the tab and open for a realistic “egg cracking” experience. Each Yolkie contains one of 12 collectible characters for added play value.

S.R.P.: $4.99


Richardson Brands Co.

Canajoharie, N.Y. / / (518) 673-3553

ECRM Products

Rock Candy Swizzle Sticks

Available in white, gold and silver, these rock candy sticks will add a little sweetness to any wedding celebration. They’re non-GMO, kosher and free of gluten and fat.

S.R.P. (7.2 oz.): $9.99



Sonoma, Calif. / / (707) 656-2015

ECRM Products

SmashMallow Dipped

Each puff is made from non-GMO ingredients and then dipped in Rainforest Alliance-certified dark chocolate. They’re available in Dark Chocolate Cold Brew and Dark Chocolate Raspberry flavors.

S.R.P. (4.5 oz.): $4.99



South Lyon, Mich. / / (855) 777-3223

ECRM Products

Natural Gummies

These organic lip-shaped gummies are made with natural ingredients. They’re available in four fun flavors: Flirty Strawberry Cream, Sassy Sour Tart Cherry, Quirky Pink Grapefruit and Smitten Sour Blue Raspberry.

S.R.P. (4.1 oz.): $4.99


ECRM Products

Natural Truffles

Sugarpova has added three new varieties to its collection of chocolate truffles. They include: White Chocolate Cookies & Cream, Dark Chocolate Cafe Mocha and White Chocolate Strawberries & Cream.

S.R.P. (4.1 oz.): $4.99


ECRM Products

Tennis ball cans

Playing off founder Maria Sharapova’s tennis career, these neon green, tennis ball-shaped gumballs are packed in a tennis ball can. Two of Sugarpova’s popular truffle flavors, Milk Chocolate Rum Cherry and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel, are also available in the tennis ball can packaging.

S.R.P. (7-11.5 oz.): $12.99


SweetWorks Confections

Cheektowaga, N.Y. / / (716) 634-0880

ECRM Products

Sixlets Decades Pouch

To celebrate 60 years of the Sixlets brand, this standup pouch features images of its packaging over the years. It also features the Snack Safely label, meaning it’s suitable for consumers with food allergies. The pouch is also resealable for easy sharing and portion control.

S.R.P. (11 oz.): $2.99-$3.99


ECRM Products

Color It Candy Rose Gold Sixlets

These chocolatey candies come with a rose gold finish, perfect for weddings, baby showers and birthday parties.

S.R.P.: N/A


Taffy Town

Salt Lake City, Utah / / (801) 355-4637

ECRM Products

Seasonal taffy

Available in the extended seasonal offerings of Pumpkin Pie, Candy Corn and Cranberry, these taffy pieces are sure to sweeten up the holiday season.

S.R.P. (18-oz. canister): $8.99


Trawigo, LLC

Provo, Utah / / (385) 268-8057

ECRM Products

Unicorn Magical Choco Pearls

These colorful truffles are sure to please any unicorn fan. The first edition features Raspberry Cheesecake, Sea Salt Caramel and Apple Pie Almond truffles, while the second edition features Cherry Mousse Au Chocolat, Sea Salt Peanut Butter and Coconut Pineapple.

S.R.P. (7 oz.): $5.99


ECRM Products

Wiebold Mermaid Choco Pearls

Packaged in a box featuring a mermaid and an under-the-sea theme, these truffles are available in Sea Salt Caramel and Vanilla.

S.R.P.: $5.99


ECRM Products

Wiebold Milkshake Cup Truffles

Inspired by the malt shops of yesteryear, these truffles have a cup-shaped bottom half and a rounded top half. Packaged in boxes with retro graphics, they’re available in two assortments: Sweet Strawberry & Creamy Vanilla and Fruity Blueberry & Delicious Chocolate.

S.R.P.: $3.99


ECRM Products

Wiebold Finest Cupchocs Chocolate

These truffles have a cup-shaped bottom half and a rounded top half. Packaged in a box with retro graphics, they’re available in two flavors: Cherry Cola and Lemon Cola.

S.R.P. (3.53 oz.): $3.99


ECRM Products

Wiebold Happy Summer Chocolate Butterflies

These moulded butterfly-shaped truffles are available in three flavors: Raspberry Cream, Blueberry Buttermilk and Lemon Mousse.

S.R.P.: $4.99


Vidal Candies USA

New York, N.Y. / / (609) 781-8169

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Pink Flamingo Gummies

These pink flamingo-shaped gummies will add a little color to your day. These strawberry-flavored gummies are free of fat, gluten and peanuts.

S.R.P. (3.5 oz.): $0.99-$1.99


ECRM Products

Gummi Pineapple Rings

Looking just like freshly-cut pineapple, these gummi rings provide a burst of pineapple flavor. These gummies are free of fat, gluten and peanuts.

S.R.P. (3.5 oz.): $0.99-$1.99



Stamford, Conn. / / (224) 880-1109

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Available in Original and Sour varieties, these organic chewy bites contain no high fructose corn syrup, GMOs or artificial colors or flavors. They’re available in 2-oz. grab-n-go packs, 5-oz. resealable bags, and 5-ct. and 10-ct. snack packs.

S.R.P.: N/A


ECRM Products

Roll’n Stones

These crunchy, candy-coated chocolate pieces look like pebbles. They’re organic, non-GMO, gluten-free and vegan.

S.R.P.: N/A