Steven Marcanello has joined Miltenberg & Samton, Inc. (MILTSAM) as v.p. of equipment sales for North America.

Previously, Marcanello was the v.p. of operations at Asher’s Chocolates where he oversaw the manufacturing, R&D, engineering, maintenance, purchasing, quality, and distribution functions for the company. His 38 years of experience in operations gives him a unique perspective when suggesting solutions for manufacturers.

Marcanello explains that he has been on the other side of table when discussing new equipment purchases with machinery suppliers many times in the past.

“I understand the process of identifying the issues/opportunities in a manufacturing environment, which includes asking the appropriate questions,” he says. “My approach is to be an advocate of the customer’s needs. I want to create enough value in the relationship to foster growth for the customer as well as my principals. I have always loved this industry. This exciting opportunity gives me the chance to take what I have learned over the years and assist a greater number of companies while representing three innovative suppliers.”

MILTSAM represents Bohnke Luckau, a German company that makes chocolate moulding lines, drop/button lines, silicon mould fondant and jelly lines, brittle cooking and forming lines. They also make roasting, panning, enrobing, cooling, cluster and vermicelli lines, as well as components of each for retrofit.

MILTSAM is also an agent for Fast Track Engineering, which manufactures starch mogul lines and their ancillary equipment as well as PINCO (formerly PC di Pompeo Catelli) for all mogul drying room and AGV transport systems for fully automated production needs.