The kosher community now has a new way to satisfy its sweet tooth. Michel Cluizel is launching a first-of-its-kind line of OU-certified kosher pareve chocolate truffles, pastries and macaroons.

The Orthodox Union certification is given to companies that have passed all food manufacturing laws conforming to the Jewish dietary laws.

The chocolate company says the challenge was not only to design kosher chocolates and pastries, but also to make them pareve (non-dairy) while keeping the same unique and original taste.

The end result are hand-crafted Michel Cluizel kosher chocolates and pastries made using original recipes and 100% OU-certified ingredients.

This gourmet line also marks the first time this 63-year-old French-based company is producing chocolates in the United States, with a new facility built especially for the OU-certified productions and its kosher line in West Berlin, N.J.

Michel Cluizel invites patrons to experience new taste emotions with truffles such as Folly, a crunchy praliné; Charm, a fruity raspberry ganache; or even Caprice, a smooth caramel ganache topped with gianduja.

These truffles can be hand-selected or picked-up in a pre-packaged and sealed box of three to 50 pieces. Michel Cluizel also offers seven different macaroons and a variety of kosher pareve French pastries including napoleons, éclairs and chocolate opera cake. Similar to the truffles, patrons can buy a pre-packaged and sealed box of pastries, such as the “Shabbat Box,” which includes four gourmet kosher pastries.

Michel Cluizel packaged products displaying the OU symbol and certification are available at its New York City boutique on 584 Fifth Avenue. Non-packaged products are not OU-certified.

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