More than half of American consumers say they trust the Fairtrade label, new findings by research firms Globescan and Atlantic 57 reveal.

Certifying organization Fairtrade America partnered with the research firms to explore consumer attitudes and perceptions around product labels. They found that 55 percent of consumers put trust into the Fairtrade label, while consumers ages 25-44 reported even higher levels of trust, approaching 66 percent.

Focus group research by Atlantic 57 found that consumers focus on cost, healthfulness and trust in making food decisions. Focus group participants also cited personal values for their support of Fairtrade.

Meanwhile, Globescan surveys found that 81 percent of consumers would view a brand they already buy more favorably with a Fairtrade label. Also noting that friends and family are a trusted source for information on products, Globescan’s studies showed that 75 percent of consumers familiar with Fairtrade products would recommend them to a friend.

“The Fairtrade label gives consumers an easy way to identify products that protect human rights, confront inequality and ensure farmers and workers receive a fairer price,” Fairtrade America COO Bryan Lew said. “With an increased interest in how goods are produced, Fairtrade’s rigorous certification system gives consumers confidence.”

The Fairtrade label appears on more than 35,000 products sold in over 140 countries. There are over 1.65 million producers across 75 countries.