Where do Oreo flavors come from?

According to Oreo's new marketing campaign, they come from the Wonder Vault.

Cue a whimsical animated spot in which an Oreo-shaped door opens to reveal a Wonka-esque vault complete with a milk fountain and Oreos rolling everywhere. The Cinnamon Bun door opens onto a soft winter playground with skiers and ice skaters who make winter look as nostalgic and fun as it did when we were five. Behind the Red Velvet door runs a bright red train reminiscent of the Polar Express.

The Wonder Vault is a new introduction to the U.S. market, coinciding with the release of the Cinnamon Bun and Red Velvet flavors, which will join Oreo's permanent product lineup in the United States.

It's part of Oreo's new, globally integrated marketing campaign called "Open Up with Oreo," which has a simple message: Open your heart to people who are different than you, and you'll discover the similarities.

The latest installment in the brand's ongoing "Wonderfilled" platform, this new campaign addresses a behavioral shift that comes as people age: Children are naturally open, but adults begin to default to what's familiar, causing them to close themselves off to others.

The objective of the "Open Up with Oreo" campaign is to inspire fans around the world to be more open to those around them and make new connections. The campaign creative is fittingly grounded in the practice of twisting open an Oreo cookie, which become symbolic for breaking down barriers.

"We're excited about our new 'Open Up with Oreo' campaign as it conveys an optimistic and hopeful message that we think will resonate with all our fans," says Jennifer Hull, brand director global Oreo at Mondelēz Int’l. "As a brand that inspires openness and curiosity every day, Oreo believes that, if we begin to open ourselves up, we'll make more meaningful connections and discover that we have more in common than we think, no matter where we live or what walk of life we come from."

The campaign will launch in more than 50 countries in the first half of 2016 and will contain a global TV spot, digital content series, in-store point of sale and, in select countries, global prizing and custom product embossment.

The animated spot, which is brought to life using the brand's "Wonderfilled" aesthetic, is set in a roller rink. A young girl inspires the adults around her to look inside themselves and let a little bit of wonder out, transforming the rink into a place of new connections.

Digital content and a video series will launch in February, showing how an Oreo cookie can lead to unexpected introductions, and even friendships, between characters from different walks of life.

"With a presence in over 100 countries, there's something truly universal about an Oreo cookie. Our new campaign really appeals to liberating the child inside and celebrating a feeling of wonder, no matter the location or language," says Hull. "Even after 100-plus years, the Oreo brand continues to delight consumers all over the world in fresh and relevant ways."