chaka khan ChakalatesChaka Khan has a new Sweet Thing to offer her fans — chocolates.

The ten-time Grammy award winner has re-launched her line of gourmet Chakalates, a collection of dark chocolates featuring different fillings, including: macadamia nut; Jamaican dark rum; and ginger & praline.

The line, which was previously sold in Neiman Marcus stores, was re-launched at the Grammys and currently is available exclusively on her website.

However, Khan is looking for a new duet partner. Her manager Tammy McCrary, says the chocolates currently are being made by a company that typically serves the hospitality industry, but they’d like to partner with a different company and expand the line, offering  it to other retailers.

“We’re looking to potentially partner with a larger brand,” McCrary says. “We’re looking for a company to partner with that has an international retail distribution.”

The focus on dark chocolate was intentional. Khan has struggled with weight issues and combated diabetes and high blood pressure by losing 75 pounds. She says these chocolates are not as guilty a pleasure as one might expect.

Recent studies suggest that dark chocolate is good for the heart and the brain and that it helps lower blood pressures and control blood sugar.

“It definitely is candy still, but it does have the healthy benefits,” McCrary says.

The chocolates sell for $36 for 12 truffles.

“She’s got an amazing product that people are definitely interested in and we would love to be able to expand it and make it available to a wider audience,” McCrary says.