Theegarten-Patec’s newly redesigned CWM2 wrapping machine for chocolate products provides a much higher level of user accessibility than the previous model. Its modified design also offers improved maintenance and cleaning ergonomics. The new modular concept also means that wrapping styles and format sizes can be changed more quickly, while the settings are easily reproducible.

The Dresden, Germany-based packaging machine manufacturer has equipped the CWM2’s allocation belt with a separate servo motor, enabling the speed to be regulated with ease when changing format sizes. The machine also copes well with tolerances typically required for coated products.

Compact machine offers many wrapping styles

Like its predecessor, this wrapper offers a variety of different wrapping styles. The improved ergonomics make it quicker to change between wrapping styles and formats, while also making them more reproducible. The CWM2 unit can handle the following wrapping styles: double twist, top twist, side twist, top clip, envelope fold and bunch wrap. Such flexibility dovetails with the unit’s productivity, which can reach a speed up to 500 cycles/minute.

The CWM2 can process all conventional foils and the continuous, servo-driven material feeding technology enables the inner and outer wrapping materials to be cut off at different lengths.

Equipped with a touch screen for simple operation, fault diagnosis and data recording, the CWM2 comes with such functions as “no product – no wrapping,” automatic splicing of wrapping material, remote assistance as well as automatic rejection of double-wrapped products.

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