Hänsel Processing GmbH (HPG)’s machines and complete lines work successfully as well as economically all over the world, enabling customers to produce the highest quality candies in the most sustainable fashion.

When it comes to the manufacturing of jellies and nutraceutical products, the JellyStar 2014 cooking plant, appropriate for all common jellying agents, is characterized by a compact design, offering the possibility to produce high quality aerated and transparent jellies with HPG machines even in limited spaces.

The products are processed extremely carefully in this compact cooker that features a short residence time. The proven JellyStar 2014 cooking unit only requires reduced vapor pressure because of the low temperature difference between product and steam.

The product is not in contact with the vapor during the cooking process and excellent heat transmission by a multitude of steam tubes as well as high turbulences within the cooker assure the production of high quality jellies.

Some of the advantages the JellyStar 2014 provides includes the following:

  • space-saving installation
  • stable cooking temperature
  • no contact between steam and product
  • even product outlet
  • optimum start-up and stopping behavior – short reaction time
  • appropriate for all common jellying agents
  • low steam pressure requirement
  • maximum heat exchanger surface within minimal space
  • with CIP cleaning pump and cleaning cycle back to reservoir
  • adjustment of system pressure with pneumatic controller pressure control valve


The JellyStar line, which has capacities ranging from 60 to 6,000 kg/hr, is approved for nutritional gums and jellies, too. Post-adding stations provide advanced treatment of nutritional ingredients.

For more information, visit www.haensel-processing.de