KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates has launched the Snackables line, marking the chocolatier’s first expansion into the snack food category.  

KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates is known for creating unique and beautiful chocolates at the Destination Kohler in Kohler, Wisconsin. Applying this same dedication to flavor, quality and attention to detail, the team of chocolatiers at KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates created snacking products to add fun, flavorful offerings to the brand’s variety of selections. The new line joins the brand’s Original Buttery Terrapin, which is layered with buttery caramel and rich chocolate.  

“The expansion of KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates into snack foods provides an exciting new opportunity for our chocolatiers and experience for our customers,” said Crystal Thomas, head chocolatier for KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolates. “Our new Snackables add a twist to our product line with beloved snacks covered in our delicious chocolate by Kohler Chocolatiers, producing the highest quality product. It delivers delectable snacks with unmatched quality and flavor.

The Snackables line includes:  

Chocolate-Cheese Crunch: Made with crunchy cheese puffs coated in 38% KOHLER Original Recipe milk chocolate and striped with KOHLER Original Recipe milk chocolate for a rich sweet and salty finish. 

Peanut Butter Pretzels: Consisting of three layers of goodness – the first layer is made of a light Golden sea-salt caramel, the second layer is a crunchy pretzel, topped with a final layer of crunchy peanut butter ganache – all coated in KOHLER Original Recipe milk chocolate. 

Chocolate Chips: made with a salted ruffled potato chip (local to Wisconsin) coated and drizzled in 38% KOHLER Original Recipe milk chocolate and dusted with sea salt. 

Honey-Dusted White Chocolate Cashews: Honey-roasted cashews, drizzled in 35% Fair Trade and organic Waina Milk Chocolate, and lightly dusted in honey powder.  

Maple Toffee Bark: Toffee bark covered in two layers of maple caramel, 38% milk chocolate and finished with candied pecans. 

Melts: a bite-sized version of the already popular KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolate bars available in a four-flavor variety pack – Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, and Raspberry. Like the full-size bars, Melts are handcrafted and feature a shell of smooth dark or milk chocolate, natural ingredients and a velvety ganache.  

KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolate Snackables are available now at Kohler Chocolates and Woodlake Market in the Shops at Woodlake in Kohler, online at KohlerChocolates.com, and at select Sendik’s food markets in southeast Wisconsin. Stay up to date on KOHLER Original Recipe Chocolate updates on Facebook and on Instagram.