Wolfgang Confectioners is replacing its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with a solution by Deacom, Inc. that will allow the confectionery co-packer to identify strong opportunities for ongoing business development.

“Nearly four years ago, we shifted our focus towards co-manufacturing and have since been experiencing significant growth,” said Sam Miller, president of Wolfgang Confectioners. “Our previous ERP experiences were only with the traditional model – one of external modules and continuous customizations – all contributing to growing pains. We selected Deacom’s ERP system because of all the functionality that is included in the platform and is specifically built for manufacturers like us. It delivers everything we need to scale efficiently, with only one piece of software.”

Providing one of the industry’s largest functional foundations for process manufacturers, Deacom’s software provides process controls for inventory management, production scheduling, costing, quality control and lot tracking with real-time reporting. Meeting all of these requirements natively limits the reliance on outside systems so data is more accurate and readily accessible to decision makers.

“The investment we are making by implementing DEACOM ERP is a strategic move towards becoming the ‘Top of Mind’ choice for confection and snacking companies,” Miller said. “The software allows us to capitalize on growth and strengthen internal processes so Wolfgang Confectioners can continue to deliver quality products and service, but on a much larger scale.”