Company: Wherefour, Inc.

Technology Snapshot: Wherefour ERP and traceability software has added features making it easier to produce or distribute products in a wider range of packaging or configurations. The software also now allows inventory to be created in catch weights with automatic conversions between ordering and shipping units and invoiced amounts.

New kitting formulas simplify creation of inventory that is assembled as needed and allow product bundling into multi-packs and many other packaging/configurations as desired, said Matt Brown, founder and CEO. This feature is a key step toward a full integration with Shopify in the near future that will automate order fulfillment.

Adding catch weights as an inventory option saves time by allowing units to be ordered and selected from inventory within specified units of measure, such as a weight range, while invoices are automatically calculated in the product’s actual weight or other measure, Brown said. 

More information about Wherefour is available at or by calling 415-930-4028.