Coastal winemakers have blended their passions for wine, chocolate and sustainability to create Vine to Bar, premium dark chocolate made with WellVine Chardonnay Marc.

Upcycled from the spent grapes of the winemaking process, Chardonnay Marc tempers the bitter notes in rich dark chocolate and brings nutrients that can contribute to better gut and heart health. Vine to Bar’s 65% dark chocolate offerings include bars, individually wrapped tasting squares and chocolate-covered almonds. Chocolatier Ralph Jerome, former head of global innovation at Mars, Inc., is chief innovation officer at Vine to Bar.

“We call Vine to Bar the ‘winemaker’s chocolate’ to acknowledge the path this new chocolate has taken to arrive,” Jerome said. “It was born from the vision of winemakers, who spent over a decade working to capture the vibrancy of pressed wine grapes in an ingredient that will one day enhance lots of different products. It’s only fitting that our first products to launch share ancient history — wine and chocolate.”

Jerome notes that as two of the most celebrated products of fermentation, wine and chocolate have always been a natural pairing. Vine to Bar elevates the experience of dark chocolate and marries well with wines ranging from whites and rosés to more traditional red pairings.

Chardonnay Marc brings a natural sweetness to Vine to Bar products that softens the dark chocolate’s bitter edge. The result is premium dark chocolate with a flavor that is balanced by the natural, wine grape-derived fruitiness. Vine to Bar chocolates contain 100% pure cocoa butter and no palm oil, soy or GMOs.  

Vine to Bar flavors include:

  • Chardonnay Smoked Salt and Cocoa Nibs 
  • Dark Chocolate with Tart Cherry and Cocoa Nibs
  • Dark Chocolate with Almonds and Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Dark Chocolate

Vine to Bar is distributed direct-to-consumer via the company’s website and via limited retail sales at tasting rooms, select specialty retailers and independent markets.