Aasted’s R & D team has invented a new way to feed chocolate into the enrobing machine, thus allowing a constant stable tempering index and temperature in the chocolate mass. In doing so, the company improves energy savings and ensures more homogeneous processing.

With this new Energy Enrobing Concept, the company guarantees the following:

  • A more uniform chocolate mass with constant tempering index stabilizing the enrobing machine.
  • Less feeding of chocolate mass from the tempering machine, allowing a smaller tempering machine than earlier in the enrobing circuit, thus ensuring savings of energy.
  • Less investment and more cost saving, thus a smaller tempering machine in the enrobing circuit.
  • The enrobing machine is capable of running more production hours because of less lumps and less solidification of the chocolate mass inside the enrober. The result is fewer shut downs enabling a more continuous production with reduced product waste.
  • Less return chocolate to the tempering machine, ensuring more energy savings.


All these factors contribute to a better and more homogenous final enrobed product of a uniform quality. The homogeneous enrobing, the stabilized temperature and tempering index, as well as the reduced product waste will save time and money.


How does it work?

The Energy Enrobing Concept works by a direct injection of the finished tempered chocolate mass from the tempering machine to the consumption flow, compared with traditional enrobing machines, in which the not finished tempered chocolate is mixed with the chocolate in the collecting tray.

With the direct injection of finished tempered chocolate mass, the process ensures a homogenous tempered mass, which will result in a uniform tempering index in the enrober with constant temperature resulting in improved finished products.


Creating the optimal enrobing circuit

A combination of the Aasted Energy Enrobing Concept with its SuperNova Energy tempering machine will further enable companies to save up to two-thirds consumption compared with traditional tempering machines and traditional enrobers. Choosing to optimize the enrobing circuit with the SuperNova Energy tempering machine as well as the new Aasted Energy Enrobing Concept boosts energy savings will do the following:

  • improve floating ability in the chocolate mass due to higher temperature.
  • provide a higher quality of fat crystals  and a homogenous tempered mass.
  • reduce cooling time in the cooling tunnel.

 For more information, visit www.aasted.eu.