The patented Nielsen Energy Enrober from Aasted ensures substantial energy savings and long-lasting production with superior quality. The energy enrobing concept deviates from traditional enrobing with its ability to achieve superior control over the chocolate, which is enrobed onto the product.

This also means that the Nielsen Energy Enrober maintains the highest chocolate quality throughout the entire production flow.

The Energy enrobing concept has its chocolate mass directly injected to the consumption flow to ensure a constant flow of finished tempered chocolate mass. The new and innovative energy method ensures a high-quality standard for all final products while simultaneously guaranteeing the best return on investment and the lowest energy cost.

Energy enrobing system delivers multiple benefits

  • The tempering index and the temperature of the mass mixture are kept constant
  • The thickness of the enrobed layer is constant
  • A 24/7 running time
  • Higher working temperature
  • Better quality crystals in chocolate
  • More liquid chocolate         
  • Less downtime, hence higher product output per hour
  • Easier-to-handle chocolate

The Nielsen Energy Enrober has substantially more benefits compared to traditional enrobers. First, with its high working temperature, the unit only allows the existence of high-quality crystals. This ensures a more liquid and equal chocolate mass, which makes it easier to handle the chocolate.

Furthermore, because of the chocolate’s liquidity there is no buildup over time, which minimizes the down time. This finally results in a high-quality product produced with less energy and less cost than previously possible.

The processing benefits inherent in the Nielsen Energy Enrober have generated a lot of positive feedback from Aasted’s customers, who confirm both quality improvements and energy savings.

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