Dry cell battery manufacturer Eveready Industries India has entered the Indian confectionery market by launching fruit chews under the Jollies brand.
In a regulatory filing posted Monday, Eveready estimated India’s $60-million (400 crore) fruit chew market will double over the next 3 to 4 years, offering the company an opportunity to further diversify its product portfolio.
Eveready Managing Director Amritanshu Khaitan said the company plans to leverage its existing distribution system to become a “significant player” in the category.
“Jollies Fruit Chew will be an attractive offering to Indian consumers who prefer healthier choices,” Khaitan said. “The product being launched has a high percentage of natural fruit pulp, making it a preferred, healthier option to pure sugar candy.”
Eveready sells more than 1.2 billion batteries and 25 million flashlights each year. The company has also expanded its product portfolio to include energy-efficient lighting products, rechargeable devices, small home appliances and packaged tea.