The Rodeo Drive of online domains is finally on the market.

Sedo, the largest domain name marketplace, announced the sale of and its accompanying business.

Purchased by its current owner — Internet Real Estate Group — in 2004, the site has expanded to include 250 vendors and over 5,000 products, making it the largest online marketplace for fine chocolates.

“The site has done well for the few employees we have working on it,” says Andrew Miller,’s managing director. “However, it’s time for us to move on.”

The sale of the domain name is currently in negotiations as Sedo works to find the right buyer. Frank Tillmanns, the Sedo broker handling the transaction, says the process is more complex than just selling to the highest bidder.

“The sale has been going on for two or three weeks now,” says Tillmanns. “We’ve been researching and communicating with buyers to find the best fit for this premium domain name, and the market is huge.”

While no specific names or prices have been reported, Miller says interest spans from entrepreneurial to established businesses.

“Chocolate is a global word. Whether it’s in Asia or in the United States, people know the word ‘chocolate’,” he says.

Tillmanns adds that this is a unique opportunity for a business to secure this premium domain.

“In the digital age, this might be the last time such a powerful piece of virtual real estate comes on the market,” he says.