See's Candies has introduced the May Sweet of the Month as part of its centennial celebration.

In honor of Mary See's original Peanut Brittle, See's has created another brittle to join the ranks: Almond Brittle with a Kick. This piece features buttery almond goodness with a little heat from cayenne, cinnamon and Ancho chile that builds as you eat more.

"We can't improve on Mary's recipe,” said See’s President and CEO Pat Egan. “She made the best brittle you can find, and we get to continue to make it. By no means is it luck that Mary's original recipes are always fan-favorites, even after one hundred years. Her commitment to quality ingredients makes these recipes timeless and truly one-of-a-kind. To celebrate a century of deliciousness, we thought our customers would be thrilled about this spicy twist on a classic favorite.

Almond Brittle with a Kick can be enjoyed with an assortment of complementing treats or cocktails, and can be shipped to family and friends for a surprise delivery. Almond Brittle with a Kick is available now for $15 while supplies last in shops and online. 

Additionally, See's fan favorite, Maple Cashew Brittle, will now be available year-round as a permanent addition to its candy line. Whole roasted premium cashews are combined with fresh butter, pure sugar and just the right touch of rich maple flavor. Maple Cashew Brittle is available now for $15 in shops and online.

See's Candies brittles are made with the best California nuts. See's inspects and sifts through the nuts to ensure they meet the brand's specifications for size and quality.

"Our customers drive this business,” Egan said. “In the past, our Maple Cashew Brittle was a limited-time offering that customers loved and would tell us they wanted year-round. Because of its popularity, and ever-growing demand, our team of candy experts has been dedicated to making this a permanent piece.”