Chocolate machinery designer and manufacturer PTL has launched the PTL Melter V20.

‘’Our customers, especially the multinational brands we work with, were telling us they needed to make their production process faster and more flexible, as they were producing more SKUs with shorter life cycles,’’ says PTL Managing Director Nick Halliday. ‘’Product melting capability is central to this, so we looked at our melter from the ground up, with the aim of delivering a machine that could support increased production, lower costs and greater agility.’’

The result is the PTL Melter V20, which offers greater power and flexibility with a 45 percent smaller footprint. Its self-contained, plug-and-play design allows the V20 to easily fit into any production area. It eliminates the need for a tank/kettle strategy and for long pipe runs, as it can be situated next to use-point. 

‘’With a melt rate that is up to 125 percent higher than previous melters, our customers can significantly boost their bottom line, achieving instant melting as well as continuous process supply, improving their downstream production rates,” Halliday said. ‘’Changeovers are an area that restrict production efficiency and the ability of our customers to be flexible, so we’ve addressed that in the V20 by transforming the changeover process. Masses/coatings can be quickly switched and wash down is fast and simple, with a focus on allergen cleanability. For example, all product contact surfaces are removable or accessible for cleaning.’’

Designed to melt multiple SKUs, manage allergens and minimize downtime, the Melter V20 is the result of research with multinationals and co-manufacturer customers throughout the U.S. and other markets and intense R&D by PTL’s expert team. 

‘’We’ve been designing and manufacturing melters with our customers since 1994, and the Melter V20 represents another significant leap for the industry that will deliver real advantages to our customers,” Halliday said.