After the successful acquisition and integration of Thouet GmbH last year into the group, Niederlande, Netherlands-based Royal Duyvis Wiener added another new member this year — JAF Inox located in Tambau, Brazil.

Being one of the leading manufacturers of gourmet “bean-to-bar” and laboratory size cocoa and chocolate equipment, JAF Inox supplies complete turnkey chocolate production systems for artisan and small-scale manufacturers. The standard lines are available in capacities from 2½ kg up to 500 kg of chocolate per hour. The assortment of equipment ranges from bean cleaning, roasting, winnowing, and grinding to five-roll refining, conching, tempering, moulding and enrobing.

Chocolate machinery

The JAF Inox acquisition completes the company’s portfolio of bean-to-bar capabilities, offering Royal Duyvis Wiener’s customers various solutions for their cocoa and chocolate processing. From lab scale R & D equipment to turnkey production plants, the Royal Duyvis Wiener group is the sole global supplier of the broadest production range in cocoa and chocolate processing equipment.


Achieving the finest quality chocolate…

To obtain the finest chocolate, the roasting of the beans constitutes the crucial start for every bean-to-bar process. The JAF Inox batch roaster, suitable for roasting beans and nibs, provides the perfect solution for small chocolate production lines. Available in capacities up to 300 kg/h, this batch drum roaster provides the critical foundation for making excellent chocolate.

To enhance the natural flavors in the nibs, the beans are gently roasted. This ensures an excellent taste profile of the chocolate.

The batch drum roaster has an electrical heater and the parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel. An infrared sensor controls the temperature of the beans and avoids overroasting. The batch roaster is PLC-controlled by a 6-in., color touchscreen and is easily accessible for cleaning and product changeovers.

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