Check out new products from Flix Candy, Landrin USA, Big Sky Brands, Annabelle Candy Co., Just Born, Osmanium, CandyRific and American Licorice Co.

Disney Fairies Picture Ring Lollipops

Flix Candy/Imaginings 3

Niles, Ill.


Flix Candy’s latest licensed product coincides with the recent Platinum DVD release of the first of four Disney’s “Tinker Bell” Fairies movies.Disney FairiesPicture Ring Lollipops are 11 g. each and come in assorted flavors: Blue Raspberry, Watermelon and Green Apple. Each pack features two different fairies and flavors. The suggested retail price is $1.09-$1.39.

Landrin Waferattos

Landrin USA

Wilmington, Del.


Landrin’sWaferattoCollection offers two premium varieties.WafarattoGold, Hazelnut Chocolate Perfection, features an exquisite chocolaty hazelnut filling covered in delicate cream, wafer and finely crushed hazelnuts.WaferattoClassic, Coconut Almond Perfection, features white chocolate and shredded coconut with whole California almonds and silk cream centers in crispy wafers. The products come in patent-pending, “blossoming flower” boxes containing individually wrapped pieces. Choose from three store display stands.

Yogen Fruz Smoothies

Big Sky Brands

Toronto, Ontario


Partnering with frozen yogurt chainYogen Früz, Big Sky Brands has launched all-natural Yogen Früz Smoothies candy. Containing probiotic yogurt, pure cane sugar and Vitamin C, the fat-free candies are three calories per piece.Yogen Früz Smoothiescome in Strawberry Banana, Blueberry Breeze and Tropical Storm varieties.

Abba-Zaba Bars

Annabelle Candy Co.

Hayward, Calif.


Annabelle Candy Co. has added a new flavor to its candy bar lineup:Abba-ZabaChocolatey Center. It features thick, rich, chewy taffy with a creamy chocolate filling in the center. The suggested retail price is 79 cents per bar.

MIKE AND IKE Berry Blast

Just Born, Inc.

Bethlehem, Pa.


Just Born’sMIKE AND IKEbrand is adding new flavors to its Berry Blast collection: Strawberry, Peach Berry, Wild Berry, Blueberry and Blue Raspberry. The suggested retail price will range from 35 cents to $1.59, depending on package size.

Jitterbeans and Crackheads Squared

Osmanium, LLC

Milwaukee, Wis.


Osmanium is offering two new caffeinated items:JitterbeansandCrackheads². Both products are dark chocolate-covered espresso beans with hard candy shells. Each 1.3-oz. box contains approximately 600 mg. of caffeine - the equivalent of six cups of coffee. The suggested retail price per box is $3.25.

Madagascar Giggle Heads


Louisville, Ky.


In conjunction with the upcoming release of the animated film “Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa,” CandyRific is offering several licensed items featuring Alex, Marty, Gloria and Melman. They includeGiggle Heads: strawberry lollipops with handles shaped like the characters that “giggle” when shaken. Other “Madagascar”-themed items are Sticker Stampers and Candy Tins.

Chewy Extinguishers

American Licorice Co.

Bend, Ore.


Ame rican Licorice Co. has announced the acquisition of a new candy brand:Extinguishers. The interactive, chewy candy consists of multiple levels of increasing intensity, with a sweet berry relief candy piece, all in a slide tray. There are two varieties: Sour Fruit - with watermelon, strawberry and green apple sour flavors - and Sour Citrus – featuring tangerine, lemon and lime sour flavors.