Check out new confectionery items from Kathy Chocolaterie, Energy Brands, Divine Chocolate, Theo Chocolate, The Ginger People and Brownie Shotz.

Kathy's Chocolates

Kathy Chocolaterie
Bruges, Belgium
+32 50 45 00 30

Kathy Chocolaterie has developed a new image for itself and its chocolates under the guidance of master chocolatier Morris Vanhovethrough. The company’s product groups include the following: special gift, deluxe, pleasure, pralines, seashells and classic mix. Kathy’s Chocolaterie offers 30 types of color-coded packaging.

Mad-Croc Energy Gum

Energy Brands
Houston, Texas

Made with 100% xylitol and containing caffeine, taurine and Vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12, Mad-Croc Energy Gum provides energy as well as dental protection. This sugar-free product comes in Spiked Spearmint flavor. A 13-g. pack contains 10 pieces.

Divine Cocoa

Divine Chocolate
Washington, D.C.

Divine Chocolate, the pioneering Fair Trade chocolate brand, proudly introduces Divine Cocoa to the U.S. marketplace. An exquisite 100% pure cocoa powder, Divine Cocoa is made with only the finest-quality Fair Trade cocoa beans from KuapaKokoo, a cooperative of smallholder farmers in Ghana who also co-own the company. The cocoa beans used in the production of Divine Cocoa are grown in the shade of the tropical rainforest, and slowly fermented and dried in the sun by the farmers, who take great pride in their company. Available in a decorative 4.4-oz. canister with a suggested retail price of $4.99, Divine Cocoa can be used for baking, or mixed with milk and sugar to make decadent hot chocolate.

Fig Fennel Almond Dark Chocolate

Theo Chocolate
Seattle, Wash.

Theo Chocolate -- one of the few companies to directly process cocoa beans into bars of chocolate -- has launched a new product: Fig Fennel Almond Dark Chocolate. The bar, which is vegan and organic, combines 65% dark chocolate with crunchy almonds, chewy Calimyrna figs and dried fennel. The suggested retail price for a 2-oz. bar is $3.29.

Hot Coffee Ginger Chews

The Ginger People, a division of Royal Pacific Foods
Marina, Calif.

The Ginger People are expanding on their Original Ginger Chews with a new, all-natural treat that fuses Arabica and Robusta coffee from East Java with fresh ginger to simulate a warm cup of coffee. Hot Coffee Ginger Chews are packed with antioxidants as well as flavor. The suggested retail price for a 3-oz. bag is $2.29.

Brownie Shotz

Portland, Ore.

Made with rich dark chocolate, butter, whole eggs and other natural ingredients, Brownie Shotz are one square inch of decadence. Consumer also can choose from Prairie Fire Brownie Shotz (a moist pecan-studded brownie with a spicy pecan topper on soothing milk chocolate), Chip and Ale Brownie Shotz (which pair the flavor of Old Irish Ale and chocolate chips) and Teetotaler Brownie Shotz (for the brownie purist).