Klöckner Hänsel's complete cooking line for gelatin and starch dissolution, which includes the Jelly Star 2014 cooker and the Contigrav 1030 dosing system.

As consumers and retail customers continue to raise the bar on quality, manufacturers of confectionery items must follow suit. Klöckner Hänsel Processing (KPH), a leading supplier of cooking and processing equipment for hard and soft candies as well as jellies and marshmallows, based in Hannover, Germany, has developed theJelly Star 2014cooking plant. The unit, thanks to a small footprint, can fit into even constricted operating spaces.

Very exacting processing parameters enable the unit to produce high-quality, aerated and transparent jellies. The cooking plant only requires reduced vapor pressure because of the low temperature difference between product and steam.

As a result, the product is not in contact with vapor during the cooking process. Excellent heat transmission by a multitude of steam tubes as well as high turbulences within the cooker assure production of the highest quality jellies. Output ranges between 60 and 6,000 kg. per hour, depending upon capacity requirements.

Three other components, theContigrav 1030, theJelly Blenddosing system and theTurbomat 1115, typically complement the cooking unit as a complete production system for jellies and mallow products.

TheContigrav 1030 is a flexible dosing and weighing system that’s characterized by its modular design, allowing a great variety of recipes to be weighed exactly. Liquid, powdery and crystalline materials can be processed, depending on the configuration of the plant.

For the blending of jelly masses with colors, flavors, acids, vitamin solutions and other actives, KPH offers an advanced dosing system calledJelly Blend, which can handle from one to eight colors.

TheTurbomat 1115is used for continuous mixing, dispersing and aeration of bar foam, chewy candy and toffee masses as well as jelly and marshmallow masses. Batch aeration also is possible with KHP´sTurbomix.

For more information, visitwww.Kloeckner-haensel.de.