Established in 1958, Hup Seng Perusahaan Makanan (M) Sdn. Bhd. is one of Malaysia’s leading biscuit manufacturers. Continuously upgraded technology and improved quality has meanwhile enabled the company to successfully build exports in Asia, Africa, Oceania, Europe and North America.

Hup Seng bought the renowned Haas-Meincke V60 depositor with a wire cutter and rotary molder, followed by a Haas-Meincke oven. This was the first complete line Hup Seng purchased from Haas-Meincke. The company was supported by Haas-Meincke’s skilled and experienced food technologists in developing the recipes for their cookie assortment, for which they have just been awarded with the Monde Selection International High Quality Trophy.

The International High Quality Trophy is awarded to a product that has achieved a high quality level (Grand Gold Award, Gold Award). Hup Seng was awarded for its OAT Cookie, manufactured on a Haas-Meincke production line. Manufacturers may show this award on their product labels for a period of three years.

Haas Group logoHaas recently invited Hup Seng’s Director, Dato Seri Kerk to visit the Haas head office in Leobendorf, Austria. He was welcomed by one of the three Haas company owners Josef Haas and Jacob Jacobsen, responsible Business Development Manager, Haas-Meincke in Singapore. “We are very proud that a Haas-Meincke line enabled our customer Hup Seng to win this highly regarded award,” said Josef Haas.

In the course of the interview, Dato Kerk proudly shared information about the OAT cookie range. Thanks to the technical assistance by Haas and the help from their food technologists who came to our factory, we could complete tests and develop our special recipe. This recipe has special characteristics: no added artificial flavors, no added artificial colorings, free from trans-fats and very few additives. We produced three flavors, we enrolled all three products for the competition—and all three products were awarded with Gold!” Dato Seri Kerk exclaimed.

Quality thanks to Haas-Meincke

When the cookies are discharged, they are perfect: uniform color, uniform thickness. Haas-Meincke has very efficient machines with a good assembly time; very precise. After the equipment commissioning, Haas-Meincke food technologists came to our plant and helped us set up production, they really have the best technology. We also performed trials, i.e. 100 tests were made to achieve the best recipe. The collaboration is very professional and the technology is impressive. We were very satisfied with the entire after sales service,” Dato Seri Kerk confirmed.

Award recognizes Haas quality

“The award Hup Seng received has a high value for Haas as well,” Jacob Jacobsen pointed out. “We are very proud that our customer received this award, and not only one, but three awards went to products made on the same line. Our customer was able to develop the product in such a way that when it hit the market, its high quality led to the nomination for the gold award. That’s really fantastic! Thanks to a combination of the technology we have brought in and the knowledge Hup Seng contributed, more business could be gained for our customer. This is a great confirmation for Haas-Meincke, too.”

“It was actually quite emotional,” Jacob Jacobsen revealed. “You see, we have a food technologist involved, the sales team, and several engineers. It was a big project from beginning to end. So when both the customer and Haas end up with such a success, it really makes us happy and very proud. Mouthfeel, texture, taste, color—the perfect combination is necessary to deserve and justify any gold award. Fine-tuning of the recipe, sourcing the best raw materials and ingredients, choosing the baking profile - it all comes together. This is where we have to understand our customer, do our homework and exactly determine our customer’s requirements.”

V60, GF2: About Haas-Meincke technology

The V60 depositor system is based on more than 20 years’ experience in the design and supply of triple depositing and extruding systems, delivered worldwide. The V60 is used for single, twin or triple depositing, wire-cutting and extruding. It handles semi-liquid batters, soft deposited dough, stiff wire-cut dough, chocolate fillings for pralines and even low-fat extruded applications. Today considered as the most accurate, flexible and hygienic depositors in the market.

The rotary molder type GF2 is for the molding of a wide range of products such as biscuits, butter cookies, ginger nuts, and low fat biscuits where high production speeds and maximum weight accuracy are required.


About Haas Group

Haas Group is a global leading manufacturer of production lines for the bakery, confectionery and dairy industries. Haas focuses on process solutions with a claim to highest quality standards. The services Haas offers include all stages, from plant design, machine construction, manufacture and assembly up to the smooth commissioning phase at your site. A comprehensive after-sales service program is available throughout the lines’ entire life-cycle. Individually tailored training programs for engineers and technicians support the continual optimization of installed lines. The Haas Group brands Franz Haas, Haas-Meincke and Haas-Mondomix unite the highest quality standards and innovation. The Haas Group is fully owned by the family-run Bühler Group in Switzerland.