seven personality traits that align with different types of chocolate

Who doesn’t choose chocolate as a Valentine’s Day gift? Exactly. But while that’s a no-brainer, choosing which chocolates can be a bit trickier.

With that in mind, Ethel M. Chocolates suggests picking a confectionery collection for your sweetie based on their traits.  

“To help consumers decide what to give their Valentines, we’ve created a list of seven personality traits that align with different types of chocolate,” explains Jessica Ruttman, marketing manager at Ethel M. Chocolates.

So pick the personality profile that best describes your Valentine, and then find which sweet will appeal most to them.

  • Social Star =  Unique Ethel M. colorful chocolate hearts.

If your sweetheart has more than 500 Facebook friends and update his or her status every hour.  Unique Ethel M. colorful chocolate hearts will give them something to share, pin and Tweet. These limited edition heart-shaped chocolates are hand-sprayed with cocoa butter in six seasonal colors: light pink, vibrant pink, lavender, purple, red and white. Each hue is a different flavor: solid milk, dark and white chocolate; dark chocolate with lemon; white chocolate with caramel; and milk chocolate with peanut butter. ($26 - $95 in a heart-shaped box)

  • Trendsetter = “Design Your Own” Chocolate Collection.

If they have a yearning for creativity and new challenges. Give this person a one-of-a-kind "Design Your Own" Chocolate Collection to include all of their favorites. Pick a box style – like a heart box draped in a red bow -- then mix and match flavors from 34 varieties. ($32 - $125)

  • Serene Spirit = Lemon Satin Crèmes Chocolate

If they project an aura of compassion and thrive in a calm environment: These laidback souls will sink their teeth into Lemon Satin Crèmes Chocolate, featuring a fresh filling made with real cream and paired with premium dark chocolate. (20 pieces for $30)

  • Chocolate Aficionado =  72-Piece Ultimate Collection

If they are a self-described foodie who savors every morsel by engaging the senses of sight, taste, touch and smell. These enthusiasts will delight in experiencing the 72-Piece Ultimate Collection, which includes decadent truffles, creamy caramels, flavorful Satin Crèmes Chocolate and Almond Butter Krisps, all paired with premium dark and milk chocolate. (72 pieces for $95)

  • Traditionalist = Heart-shaped box  

If they find comfort in routines, and they'd rather dine at their favorite restaurant versus trying a trendy bistro. The perfect Valentine's Day gift is a traditional, heart-shaped box filled with classic pieces, like silky dark chocolate, buttery caramels and crunchy pecans draped in chocolate. ($26 - $95 in a heart-shaped box)

  • Romantic = Ethel M Sweetheart Basket

If they dream about an amorous relationship with an adoring mate. Show this idealist that you put thought into the gift with an Ethel M. Sweetheart Basket. This charming basket includes a teddy bear nestled with a 9" Valentine Heart Box (14 pieces), a Truffle Collection (16 pieces), and the Valentine 3 Bar Set with creamy milk, white and dark chocolate bars. ($70)

  • Problem Solver = Valentine 3 Bar Set

If they have a closet of clothes organized by season and hue. This person enjoys tried-and-true favorites like the Valentine 3 Bar Set, with three solid chocolate gourmet bars: delicious milk, dark and white chocolate.  ($9)

Consumers can use the discount code HEARTBOX14 for 20 percent off orders of $50 or more until Feb. 15.

Ethel M. Chocolates has been delivering gourmet chocolates with no preservatives since 1981. The company’s founder, Forrest Mars, Sr., helped establish the world-renowned Mars, Inc. with his father, Frank C. Mars. Ethel M Chocolates are available in five locations throughout Las Vegas, online at and by phone at (800) 438-4356.