Ethel M Chocolates, a Henderson, Nev.-based subsidiary of Mars, Inc., and maker of premium gourmet chocolates, has revived the beloved classic Mars Bar under its label.
Manufactured in 1932 by Frank C. Mars, the Mars Bar was known for its “honest to goodness” milk chocolate, creamy nougat and whole toasted almonds. Until now, the Mars Bar has only been continuously available outside of the United States.
“The Mars Bar is a favorite among chocolate lovers everywhere,” says Oren Young, general manager of Ethel M Chocolates. “That’s why we wanted to bring back this nostalgic treat in its original form, by using the unique, hand-crafted touch that only Ethel M can offer.”
Earlier this month, Ethel M partnered with the Fremont Street Experience in downtown Las Vegas for a product launch. During the event, Ethel M provided free samples of the candy bar and captured visitor’s reactions to the product. Patrons passing by showed their “Mars Bar Face,” paying homage to vintage Mars Bar ads. The world’s largest digital Mars Bar, measuring 1,500 ft. in length, was also displayed on the prominent Fremont Street canopy.
“Downtown Las Vegas was the perfect place for us to relaunch the Mars Bar,” Young explained. “This was the original Vegas Strip, and while it has a modern look, it still has that iconic feel, which is what we want to accomplish with the relaunch of the Mars Bar under the Ethel M brand.”