Based in Corneliano D’Alba, Italy, Tecno 3 prides itself on developing technological innovations for the chocolate and confectionery industry. At interpack, it will showcase three different pieces of technology addressing specific processing and manufacturing needs.

The MDC-A 250, a continuous doser/mixer for liquid and solid products is used in the production of chocolate and creams, to evenly dose and mix the liquid and solid ingredients that are in the recipes.

Tecno 3

Made entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel, the easy-to-move machine, which is mounted on wheels, can be used in a line to continuously feed the refining plants or as a self-contained unit. The recipe management and the correct dosage of the ingredients, are controlled with a PLC, which also manages all the other parameters, such as the tank temperature, the mixer’s speed and the direction of rotation, the product level, etc.

The P10S-CR series system, is a specially designed line for the continuous refining of lipid-based creams in a single step; it represents a significant step forward in process simplification, saving space and energy.

Entirely made in AISI 304 stainless steel, the system consists of three grinding units in series: a pre-refiner with two horizontal cylinder; a refiner with vertical cylinders; and a ball refiner, which guarantee optimal fineness for all types of product.

The system is controlled with advanced electronic logic that guarantees a correct particle size distribution, thereby avoiding an abundant forming of excessively fine particles.

To satisfy the needs of automation and flexibility of the modern production processes, Tecno 3 developed its new ORM robotized station. Mounted on wheels, the unit features an innovative column structure that makes it easy to move the machine between the different work positions. Once it reaches its destination, the station is secured by an anchoring mechanism.

The station is equipped with a multi-camera vision system for tracking products at inlet/outlet. Being fully customizable, the vision system can also perform product compliance monitoring (shape, color, presence/absence of articles, etc.).


 For more information, visit; at interpack stop by D46 in hall 3.