YumEarth, a 10-year-old organic and natural candy brand, is getting a new, more consistent look.
The brand, which covers a range of gummies, fruit snacks, licorice, lollipops and drops, had two versions of packaging, says CEO Michael Sands. Targeted to younger children, packaging for the gummies, fruit snacks and lollipops featured bright colors and smiling fruits. Meanwhile, the drops and hard candy had simpler packaging.
“It needs to feel unified and it didn’t,” Sands says.
After deciding to take the whole range to 95 percent USDA-certified organic, YumEarth needed packaging that could reflect the change and create consistency without alienating a younger audience. Redesign efforts began in the first quarter of 2016.
“Our goal was to unify the brand, make sure (consumers) knew the brand and then start to make it simple,” Sands says.
The new packaging does just that, combining elements from both the original designs. It has a white background and bands of color at the top and bottom of the package, as well as smiling fruit to illustrate flavor and appeal to young children.
“It looks more premium, but it still feels fun for kids because let’s not forget, it’s candy,” he says.
Sands also noted what he called “head-nodders” — certifications and free-from declarations — are at the top of the package so consumers can check off particular requirements they may seek, such as organic, gluten free and non-GMO.
Going hand-in-hand with an organic and natural focus, YumEarth has taken an eco-friendly approach to producing the packaging. It’s printed at a LEED-certified facility in Sugarland, Texas, with 100 percent wind power. Substrate packaging has also been reduced. 
“We’re just taking a step forward to try make our packaging better,” Sands says. “Every little move you can make to make the environment better we try to do.”
YumEarth’s new packaging will debut at Natural Products Expo West, set for March 9-12 in Anaheim, Calif. As it trickles into the market, YumEarth will also launch a social media campaign encouraging consumers to note when and where they see the redesigned bags and pouches.
In addition to the packaging, YumEarth will also introduce gluten-free and 95 percent USDA organic licorice, as well as a black licorice variety that is free of additives and chemicals considered harmful under California’s Proposition 65.
YumEarth will also release organic sour products later this year.
“Hopefully they feel it is fresh and familiar,” Sands says of the packaging. “For those who haven’t tried us, they’ll give us a shot. For those who have been using us, perhaps they’ll buy us even more.”