In response to growing customer requests for ingredient testing, Amsterdam-based Duyvis Wiener B.V. has expanded its research facility, doubling it in size by opening up separate cocoa and chocolate laboratories.

The company, which produces machines for the production of cocoa, compound and chocolate equipment, christened the new laboratories with an open house on October 1. Following the official opening ceremonies, guests from all over the world were able to taste chocolate made on the company’sQChoc unit, an all-in-one machine designed to produce real chocolate. As an integral part of the company’s new laboratories, theQChoc is also available for clients to perform in-house tests at their own facilities.

Guests then were able to a tour the new laboratories as well as the renovated production hall.

The chocolate lab specifically is designed and equipped for recipe development work and lab-scale production of products such as real chocolate, compound chocolate, bread spreads, coatings, creams and fillings.

In the cocoa lab, tests and trials are performed using lab scale cocoa processing equipment, including liquor grinding and refining, cocoa butter presses and cocoa powder grinding and stabilization lines. Customers can also perform tests and trials using different oil-containing seeds.

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