Theegarten-Pactec, the Dresden, Germany-based packaging machinery manufacturer, has made it its mission to offer a complete selection of wrapping styles and performance levels for small-sized confectionery items. In order to meet this goal, the mid-sized family company has made significant progress, thanks to many decades of experience and the know-how of more than 10,000 machines supplied.

The manufacturing program is organized in a matrix that comprises more than 30 individual solutions, for the three main product categories: hard candy and pre-formed products; soft and hard caramel, chewing gum and bubble gum (cut & wrap method); as well as chocolate. Several additional food and non-food applications are also available.

In each of these categories the typical wrapping styles can be offered. In co-operation with its customers, the company develops new designs and solutions, such as to optimize the wrapping material consumption or to provide innovative solutions for the presentation at the point of sale.

One of the key competences of Theegarten-Pactec has been the development of continuous-motion high-speed machines. The EK4 is the world’s no. 1 twist wrapper for high-boiled sweets reaching an output of 2,300 candies per minute. For hard and soft caramels, chewy sweets, chewing gum and bubble gum the machine types WHF (fold wrap) and WHD (twist wrap), respectively, again are unmatched on the market with outputs of 1,800 pieces per minute.

However, Theegarten-Pactec also continues to invest in the low-speed area (up to 500 pieces per minute) in view of the fact that high-speed solutions are not suitable for every market and every manufacturer. Highest priority is given to a wide range of products in order to cover all output requirements.

With the models MCC (for chocolate) and MCH (for high-boiled sweets as well as delicate products such as jelly for instance), a modular concept has been created so as to offer more flexibility for the medium-sized manufacturer. These machines allow an uncomplicated change of product sizes and wrapping styles without excessive downtimes.

Theegarten-Pactec’s innovations originate in its R&D departments, the company’s creative center. Out of a total of about 330 staff members, more than 70 work in  these departments, which are also in charge of specific customer requirements such as the integration of individual packing machines by appropriate feeding, separating and collecting systems to form complex packaging lines.

Further developments of existing machines and complete new product developments of Theegarten-Pactec will be on display at the upcoming interpack in May 2014.

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