The modular-designed MCC, developed and manufactured by Theegarten-Pactec in Dresden, Germany,  is a continuous-motion, medium-speed wrapping machine with belt or chain feeding that can wrap chocolate products in various styles. It combines a wrapping capacity of up to 1,200 products per minute with a wide format range and six wrapping styles.

That versatility makes the unit attractive for confectionery producers that require machines handling a wide variety of wrapping styles. The MCC wrapping styles include the following: double-twist wrapping, protected twist, top twist, side twist, foil wrap and vienna-fruit fold.

New wrapping style

The recently held interpack exhibition marked the first time this packaging machine showcased vienna-fruit fold as a wrapping style. The company has thereby doubled the maximum capacity in this wrapping style to 800 cycles per minute. Until now, vienna-fruit fold was restricted to discontinuous motion wrapping machines, where the maximum capacity for this style of wrapping is 400 products per minute.

The MCC can handle chocolate products of almost every shape, center-filled or solid. It uses belt feeding for flat-bottomed items, a multi-level accumulation conveyor ensuring a smooth, uncongested flow during the feed. A chain feed is used for products without a flat bottom. Again, the focus is on the gentle handling of products, with a stable, continuous motion lug chain for gentle transport and precise placement of the products in the discharge position.

Notable additional features on the MCC include a servo-driven paper knife and reel holders. The twisting angle applied to the wrapping material can be variably set to as much as 2.1 rotations. Moreover, the ‘no product – no wrapping’ function prevents wrapping material wastage. Reel changes with a splicer are automated. Quality control ensures the rejection of spliced products. Air-supported material feeding enables the handling of demanding wrapping materials.

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