As a part of its Centennial celebration, See's Candies has announced its February Sweet-of-the-Month and the first tin of its year-long collectible tin series.

"We've been an important part of our customers' Valentine's Day celebrations for 100 years now,” said See’s President and CEO Pat Egan. “This year, we wanted to give them something new to celebrate with, while paying homage to our rich history.”

The Milk Raspberry Heart Truffle is a decadent sweet to commemorate 100 Valentine's Days with See's. Raspberry buttercream, one of the company's most popular flavors, finds its ideal match with See's signature milk chocolate. The raspberry center is speckled with dark chocolate chip pieces to add crunch and depth of flavor. This truffle is available in a box of six for $8.25 while supplies last in stores and online.

According to the James Beard Foundation, the first heart-shaped box of chocolates for Valentine's Day were introduced in 1861. That makes 2021 the 160th anniversary of heart-shaped Valentine's Day boxes being used to celebrate the holiday, along with See's 100th year anniversary.

See’s couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than with a modern take on a classic design – the Centennial Heart Tin. Each tin of the collectible series will have a unique story printed inside the lid sharing how the artwork was inspired, in addition to relevant See's Candies history.

The Centennial Heart Tin is inspired by 1950s wrapping paper used in See's shops. In 1952, I Love Lucy aired the famous "Job Switching" episode about Lucy and Ethel's hilarious antics at a candy factory. Guess where they prepared for the show? See's candy kitchen on La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles.

Like that iconic episode, See's stands the test of time – still making delicious candy in that same factory in Los Angeles. Inside the tin, customers will find an assortment of decadent chocolates, including the new Milk Raspberry Heart Truffle. The Centennial Heart Tin is available for $18 while supplies last in stores and online. 

"At See's, we value both tradition and innovation,” Egan said. “Our vintage series is just that. A nod to the past, with a taste of the future. We still make our candies in California with the same recipes and excellent ingredients we've always had. Adding new pieces, while preserving our focus on quality ingredients, sourced here in the United States with no added preservatives is a tradition we'll carry on into our next century.”

See's will have an additional 22 pop-up shops opening around the country. The temporary locations will open Jan. 29 and will run through Feb. 14, pending product availability.