See’s Candies has unveiled its limited-edition Centennial Easter Tin and introduced the March Sweet-of-the-Month as part of its year-long centennial celebration.

The March Centennial Sweet-of-the-Month which is the Dark Peanut Butter Egg, featuring creamy peanut butter encased in dark chocolate. This treat is available now for $7 in See’s Candies shops and online, while supplies last.

"See's secret to success is that we only use the finest and freshest ingredients,” said See’s President and CEO Pat Egan. “Last year, we had thousands of pounds of Easter treats on our hands, and with no added preservatives, we made the decision to donate the candies to groups providing COVID-19 support. Jump to 2021, and we couldn't be more excited to continue our promise of Quality Without Compromise with the introduction of these two new, seasonally-inspired treats.”

One year ago, See's Candies was forced to stop production for the second time in the company's history – the first time since World War II. During the first stages of the pandemic, See's pivoted to donate candy it could not sell from stores and in their warehouses to support first responders, food banks, health care workers and others. Now, See's is back in operation and ready to be part of their customers' traditions.

The tie between See's Candies and Easter traditions is undeniable, which is why the company released its second collectible tin during this season. The Centennial Easter Tin includes an assortment of candies and a unique story inside.

This exclusive tin honors the artwork of Dorothy Gray Forbes, who designed See's shop posters, newspaper advertisements and candy boxes for 50 years. Forbes’ art has been used worldwide. Full of vibrant imagery and colorful hand-drawn illustrations, her classic posters are still used in See's shops today.

This collectible limited-edition tin continues its vintage series developed to celebrate See's anniversary. The Centennial Easter Tin is available now for $16 in See’s Candies shops and online, while supplies last. 

"When our customers think of Easter, they think of See's,” Egan said. “With every bite of a sweet treat, there's a taste of nostalgia, too. Our goal is to help carry on these traditions in new and innovative ways for many years to come.”