has released its annual map highlighting the Top 3 Halloween candies in each state.

The online bulk candy retailer reviewed 13 years of sales data (2007-2019), looking in particular at the months leading up to Halloween. Major candy manufacturers and distributors also contributed information that helped develop the map.

The company also outlined the Top 10 Halloween candies nationwide. The ranking includes:

  1. Skittles
  2. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
  3. Starburst
  4. M&M’S
  5. Hot Tamales
  6. Candy corn
  7. Snickers
  8. Sour Patch Kids
  9. Hershey Kisses
  10. Jolly Ranchers

Skittles took first place in six states — California, Delaware, Florida, Hawaii, Minnesota and Vermont — earning the top ranking in the most states. The brand is followed by Sour Patch Kids and Starburst, each taking the top spot in five states.

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups ranked in the Top 3 in 12 states, receiving the second spot in seven states. Candy corn ranked 16 times, earning third place in 11 states. M&M’S ranked in the Top 3 in 14 states, earning five second place rankings and five third place rankings.

In New York and in Illinois, where Candy Industry is based, Sour Patch Kids took the top spot. Texas prefers Starburst while Florida prefers Skittles.

Two brands ranked just once: 3 Musketeers took the top spot in Mississippi, while Lemonheads earned first place in Louisiana.

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