Atkinson Candy Co. will produce, market and sell Mary Jane candies, a former NECCO brand, through a licensing agreement with brand owner Spangler Candy Co. 

The newest iteration of Mary Jane candies maintains the nostalgic flavor profile of peanuts and molasses but will feature updated, easy-to-open twist-wrap packaging and a new bite-sized shape. 

“Atkinson Candy’s deep expertise in the candy nut candy category will serve the Mary Jane brand well,” says Eric Atkinson, president of Atkinson Candy. “We are honored to continue the tradition of making classic quality candies in America.”

Mary Jane candies will be available in early 2020 with further announcements on ship dates and pack types forthcoming. Any sales inquiries can be directed to the Atkinson Candy sales team. 

“Atkinson Candy is uniquely positioned to bring the 100-year-old Mary Jane candy brand to back to today’s consumers,” Spangler CEO Kirk Vashaw said. “We are pleased to partner with a company that shares longevity, family ownership and experience with classic confections.”