Durango, Colo.-based Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, Inc. and Scottsdale, Ariz.-based Cold Stone Creamery announced the signing of a non-binding letter of intent to negotiate the terms of a test license agreement between the two brands. The companies are given 90 days from mid-October to enter into a definitive test license agreement; otherwise either party can pursue agreements with other interested businesses.

The proposed agreement calls for seven co-branded stores, four of which will have locations selected by Cold Stone Creamery, the other three being selected by Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

“The proposed co-branding test would bring together two beloved American brands,Cold Stone CreameryandRocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, to create the ultimate dessert destination,” says Dan Beem, president of Cold Stone Creamery. “It’s no secret that retail demand for ice cream peaks in the summer, while the demand for gourmet chocolates peaks during the winter holiday season. By co-branding these concepts, we hope to give people more reasons to patronize our stores year-round.”