Cold Stone Chocolate Bar

Forget about the debate between a waffle cone or a dish, one scoop or two. There’s a new way for Cold Stone Creamery fans to enjoy the delicious ice cream flavors.

Kahala LLC, owners of the Cold Stone Creamery brand, will be partnering with the The Cacao Group, Inc. of Salt Lake City for the new line of chocolate bars and pieces. Marc Purles, cmo and partner of The Cacao Group, has been involved with the new line of products since its inception more than a year ago.

“What Cold Stone said to us was, ‘We would love to see how you could translate some of our most popular ice creams into chocolate bars,’” says Purles. “We’re thrilled to be working with the talented people at Kahala. Their history of innovation and creativity combined with our premium chocolate creations will provide a new and exciting experience for chocolate lovers everywhere.”

Five flavors will be available nationwide starting June 1 of this year. They are: Chocolate Devotion, Mmmmmint Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Creamery, Coffee Lovers Only and Cherry Almond Sundae. The chocolate is available in 1.8-oz. bars or 5.4-oz. stand-up bags.

The plan is to produce more flavors as time goes on, continues Purles. “The sky’s the limit in terms of the flavor combinations we can come up with. We do plan to do a bunch of extensions -- always keeping the really popular ones, the others we may do seasonally.”

Thanks to the well-known and well-loved name of Cold Stone Creamery behind the chocolates, the response to the products has been overwhelmingly positive, the marketing executive adds.


Concludes Purles, “The brand equity in Cold Stone is so widespread all over the country, even internationally, that people see it and say, ‘Oh yeah, I want to look at that! And even taste it!’”