When Charles “Pop” Birnn began experimenting with confections in 1915 in Highland Park, New Jersey, he couldn’t have known for sure if the business would be a success — but, 100 years later, it certainly seems that way.

Now Birnn Chocoloates, which is celebrating its centennial anniversary, has transformed from a single retail and manufacturing location to 12 retail stores in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It is currently a wholesale only chocolate truffle manufacturing facility in Vermont with retail customers nationwide.

And, it has been passed down through the generations. Pops’ son, Edward Birnn, joined the family business in 1949, eventually passing it to his two sons, Jeff and Bill Birnn, in 1973.

Great granddaughter Julia Birnn Fields continues the family tradition with her husband Mel Fields as the fourth generation owners.

Birnn Chocolates has changed locations and names over the years and adjusted to meet the needs of customers. Throughout the ups and downs of changing owners and changing markets, the centennial tagline, “100 Years of Chocolatiers” is well-earned.

The company looks forward to sharing their heritage and growth with their employees, customers, fellow confectioners, and local community.