Franck_RDW_BWMr. Franck Michelet
COO/ Sales Director Cocoa & Chocolate
From perfectly roasted beans to exquisite chocolate
The Royal Duyvis Wiener group, global supplier of cocoa and chocolate processing equipment from bean to bar, is constantly moving forward by innovating and expanding its business, and the globalization of our company has not reached its final stage yet.
More and more, we are serving and supporting our multinational customers in several locations around the world with the high quality standards you have come to expect. From standalone lab scale equipment to turnkey processing plants, we are able to provide the ultimate solution for your production process. Decades of experience of the Royal Duyvis Wiener group have led to a solid, trustworthy company, globally present in the production plants of the market leaders in the cocoa and chocolate industry.
During the past years, it has become clear that sustainability and energy savings are very important aspects in production processes. Furthermore, subjects such as health adaption, reformulating recipes (by either replacing sugar, lactose or gluten), flavor improvement, product safety improvement and shelf life are high on the daily agenda of our technologists. At the same time, our R&D team is focused on cost control and energy savings in cocoa and chocolate processing, while maintaining the highest quality standards in the market. Together with our customers, they develop innovative solutions matching the latest trends in the market.
You are always welcome in our Technology Center in Koog aan de Zaan, where our dedicated staff is looking forward to meet you and to translate your challenges in cocoa and chocolate processing into the best possible solutions.