For more than thirty years, Ed Engoron has eaten his way through more than 130 countries, devouring the chocolate. He has met, and been fed by or cooked for everyone from locals on isolated cacao plantations to royal families in far flung regions.

Now, he offers a new book that’s part journal and part cook-book, Choclatique. The book features luscious photos of chocolate recipes ranging from “never-fail molten lava cakes,” to “chocolate whipped butter” to “orgasmic chocolate soup.”

But, in between the measurements and prep times, readers are given glimpses into Engoron’s travels. Such as when he recounts the time he held a chocolate workshop in Bali, which he describes as having only three seasons, “hot, very hot and very, very, hot and humid.”

While there, he meet a woman named Arianai at the Maya Ubud Resort and Spa.

“She was a little difficult to understand at first, but when she mentioned chocolate, my ears perked up and I paid close attention to her every word,” Engoron writes. “It seems that she was hawking chocolate for a purpose other than eating; chocolate body masks are the spa’s speciality at Maya Ubud Resort.”

Engoron, who studied at the Cordon Bleu, has become consumed with not only chocolate’s taste aspect, but the physical effects it has on people. The book will no doubt delight both professional chefs and chocolate novices alike.

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-Crystal Lindell