Humans have been using chewing gum in one form or another for thousands of years and today it is a staple part of the confectionery industry. According to Cafosa, the world leader in research and development of gum bases based in Spain, there are many different challenges facing the chewing gum and the gum base industry at the moment. It is important for chewing gum manufacturers to adapt their products to offer solutions that exactly meet consumers’ requirements. Cafosa’s experience shows that many consumers look for practical, attractive and innovative products.

One of the leading trends today involves chewing gum companies providing consumers a way to “experience” sensations when they chew a gum.

Cafosa’s gum bases are playing a very important role on the new types of chewing gum as they are more “technologically” dependant. In the case of “experience” gums, the ingredients used on the gum base are selected to affect the final performance of the chewing gum during production as well as its shelf life. The physical properties of the gum base help to control and increase the release of aromatic substances of the gum.

In the coming years, chewing gums offering functional benefits will become more popular and important. In the future, functional and medicated chewing gums will be the trendsetters.

Producing medicated chewing gum has never been so easy thanks to Cafosa’s Health in Gum.  It is a directly compressible powder gum that contains a mix of ingredients such as gum base and polyols. Health in Gum works as an excipient, thereby allowing the chewing gum manufacturer to only add an API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) and other chewing gum ingredients such as flavors and lubricants. It is then ready to be easily compressed with standard tabletting equipment.

In addition to simplifying the production process of functional and medicated chewing gum, Health in Gum offers more benefits, such as the faster release of APIs and the use of both thermo and water sensitive APIs. Moreover, Health in Gum offers the inherent benefits associated with chewing, such as oral health, weight management, increased alertness and concentration etc.


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