2016 is a big year for chocolate companies. Earlier in the year, M&M's kicked off its 75th anniversary celebration, and now Godiva is joining the fun.

It's Godiva's 90th anniversary, and the chocolatier is celebrating with the launch of a new limited-edition collection that celebrates the brand's roots while continuing to craft the future.

The anniversary collection is sweetly nostalgic. It features eight of Godiva's most iconic chocolates — one for each decade since the company's inception in 1926.

But it also demonstrates Godiva's flair for design with the brand new "Egérie Noir," a contemporary creation of smooth raspberry ganache balanced with essence of rose petals and encased in rich, dark Belgian chocolate.

The filling and shape of the Egérie Noir shell are both exciting new creations from Godiva, and the rose and raspberry flavor will play a major role in the chocolatier's anniversary throughout the year.

"We're excited to celebrate 90 years of craftsmanship, passion and innovation with the Gold Anniversary Collection. It's truly a representation of how Godiva's chocolate has evolved over the past 90 years while staying true to our core values and heritage," explains Michelle Chin, head of North America Marketing & Product Development. 

Also available for the first time in the United States are the Noblesse (1959) and the Nippon (1972).

The Noblesse is based on a traditional Italian recipe of rich hazelnut praline blended with smooth milk chocolate, while the Nippon celebrates Godiva's first arrival in Japan with a dark and milk chocolate center combined with elements of hazelnut praline and puffed rice.

But the fun doesn't stop there.

The chocolatier also commissioned Belgian artist Oli-B, known for his bold and vibrant work, to redesign Godiva's iconic gold box. The new design features a splash of rich, bright colors reminiscent of fireworks.

"It has been a pleasure and a great challenge to introduce my art to Godiva's iconic aesthetic. My inspiration across our entire collaboration was joy and celebration — and nothing encompasses that better than the colorful, energetic firework!" says Oli-B.

Rounding out the 90th anniversary collection are the Raspberry & Rose Chocolixir and Raspberry & Rose Soft Serve, which include elements of both flavors.

There will also be a limited edition truffle box released in September.

The Gold Anniversary Collection is available in stores in the United States and online in boxes of nine ($20) and 18 pieces ($36).

Fans can also follow Godiva on social media as they celebrate their anniversary with #Godiva90.