Wine RayZyn’s Cabernayzyns
The Wine RayZyn Co., Napa Valley, Calif.
(707) 251-1600

Hand-harvested in California, CabernayZyns are made from antioxidant-rich Cabernet Sauvignon wine grapes. They are naturally sweet and contain no preservatives or artificial flavors.

In addition to the grape skin, Wine RayZyn caramelizes the seed inside the fruit using a special patented drying process, creating a way for humans to eat the seeds and access bio-available nutrients. They’re also available covered in dark chocolate.

The CabernayZyns were selected as a finalist for the prestigious 2017 NEXTY Awards, presented at Natural Products Expo West.

Ingredients: Dried Cabernet wine grapes with seeds and stems.

S.R.P.: (8 oz.) $9.99